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Reviews: 34 Avg. Rating: 4.6/10 US

Positive reviews

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5 out of 5

So much fun..I play it evert night to relax

October 28, 2023
5 out of 5
Great game

It is fun but also challenging I love Jonny Knoxville and I am soooooooo happy that he made a game they is BANGER!!!!!!!!

The great gamer 1234578910
July 28, 2023
5 out of 5

One of the funnest games I’ve ever played nothing like sending Johnny Knoxville into the sky, with a slingshot and a shopping
cart with rockets attached to it👍🏾😂

Poshon Navarro
June 29, 2023
5 out of 5
Fun game

Played this gam for a while and no glitches i love it

May 22, 2023
5 out of 5
Beat it in less then 24 hours

Need more levels please, hopefully soon 😁
Me and my boyfriend are having a blast playing side by side

April 10, 2023
5 out of 5
I wuvvv this game

This game is so good that I skipped school for a month to play this game. Goodo jobbo matey.

April 15, 2023
5 out of 5
Overall great game

A very fun game. One of the best mobile games we've had in a while.

January 9, 2023
4 out of 5
Fun game!

Fun addictive game! Would give 5 stars but needs more levels. There are currently only 7

butt man 333
January 15, 2023
5 out of 5

This game is very fun and addictive, once you start playing you can’t stop.

January 18, 2023
4 out of 5
Best game

Love the game favorite part is there’s barely any ads

December 25, 2022
5 out of 5

Better than doing the stunts yourself. Just needs other stunts like with the bulls or maybe racing grandpa in the scooter

January 3, 2023
4 out of 5
Fun Game

Just wish there were new levels… Feel like I’ve been waiting forever for new levels
Will there ever be new levels….. things have been “coming soon” forever now

December 9, 2022
5 out of 5

Love the game, was just wondering when we might be expecting the next update.. new levels and such?

November 4, 2022
4 out of 5
Great game

Very fun game, a few things I’d change but very fun and only see ads if you want extras. Overall one of the best time killing
games on the market. Good job guys.

November 10, 2022
4 out of 5
Fun Game

Just wish there were new levels… Feel like I’ve been waiting forever for new levels

November 17, 2022
5 out of 5

Awesome game it would be nice if you could connect it to Facebook to save ur progress in the game if you ever get a new iPad or an
iPhone to save so you don’t have to restart over again otherwise then that it’s a real fun game to play an kill game

October 7, 2022
4 out of 5
Please stop asking to go to the next level

I complete a level but I'm not done with it and it tells me to go to the next level and i don't want to go yet but I have no
choice but to go and then go to the map icon just to get back to the last level.

October 13, 2022
5 out of 5
Keeps crashing….

It’s a great game….I love the physics, the sound bites are funny, and making progress is fun and entertaining but since I got
to the 4th level, it keeps freezing up or crashing after I watch videos…I hope a fix is coming soon for this glitch!!!

October 16, 2022
5 out of 5
Love the game

Love the game it is so funny and the stuff that Johnny says is so funny and it is fun definitely recommend

October 1, 2022
5 out of 5
Actually addicting lol

Fantastic game, I love the comments from Knoxville lol it’s great, definitely advise downloading

October 2, 2022
5 out of 5
Awesome time waster!

Love the Jackass gang and show. Had to show support and pay to get rid of ads. Overall fun game and funny dialogue 😂 my Gooch!

October 2, 2022
5 out of 5
very fun

im baked rn this shi gas as a mf fr i would play it if i were you

October 2, 2022
4 out of 5
Love it!!!

It would have been a 5, but I’m having to wait for more levels and patience isn’t one of my virtues and I loose interest fast.
I hope there’s more soon because it’s a super addictive fun game with a side of Jackass humor! Love it!!!

October 2, 2022
5 out of 5
The best game of the year!!!

The game is superbly fun and I absolutely love it!!! Great work fellas!!♥️🥴

Johnny socksville
October 3, 2022
5 out of 5
They should expand on this idea! Brilliant!

Best game ever! I hope it expands! #JackassForever

The entire country
October 3, 2022
5 out of 5
God bless Johnny Knoxville!

This app is a smashing good time!

Your Product is Trash :)
May 10, 2022
5 out of 5
I’m addicted!

Heard about this game on Steve-O’s podcast and now I’m addicted! It’s fun and I love all the sound clips added in! I
literally can’t stop playing!

June 8, 2022
4 out of 5
Great but could be better

There’s a lot of this game offers but instead of the only character being Johnny Knoxville and only being able to customise
Johnny Knoxville. you should add steve-o and the jackass forever cast members

June 11, 2022
5 out of 5
Really good

It is really fun and I can not stop playing it 😂 definitely recommend

June 28, 2022
5 out of 5
Awsome but …..

Need more levels, Jackass is goated

June 30, 2022
5 out of 5
Love Jackass

This game is really fun and underrated. Good to pass time.

July 20, 2022
5 out of 5
not really a long review like others but very addi

I’m so glad I found this game. Mainly because I saw the game advertisement from Steve-o. Anyway this needs more levels!! Also
Johnny Knoxville is hot 😊

still chill B)
August 28, 2022

Critic reviews

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3 out of 5
Wont load crashes

Very good the only reason i give it 3 stars is because the game wont load most of the time its stays on a gray screen then crashes

October 11, 2022
3 out of 5

So it’s fun, but only for so long. I’d suggest a “more bouncy” mode, more destruction all around, and more “special”
items to bump into with bigger effects like explosives and trampolines. It’s ok…but could be a lot cooler in true JA fashion!

October 2, 2022

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