Matexo: Walkthrough Guide and Gameplay Tips

Last updated: April 17, 2024

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By: Logisk Studio Inc

Genre: a puzzle

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Explore our comprehensive walkthrough, packed with tips, cheats, and strategies to master Matexo on both iOS and Android. Whether you're just starting out or have been playing for a while, this guide offers solutions for all puzzle and education challenges!

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Updated for April 2024 with version 1.1.0

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Matexo level packs 1 and 2 walkthrough and iosandroid gameplay by logisk studio

## Tips for Matexo

Embark on a math adventure with Matexo! Challenge yourself to meet the target value through strategic operations. Here are some tips for mastering the game:

1. Plan your moves carefully to reach the goal value efficiently.

2. Make use of different mathematical operations wisely.

3. Utilize boosts and power-ups strategically.

4. Pay attention to the special elements on each level.

5. Experiment with various strategies to overcome challenging puzzles.

With these tips, you'll enhance your math skills and enjoy the engaging gameplay of Matexo. Happy solving!

Pack 1

Matexo Pack I

Level 39

Matexo level 39

Level 56

Matexo level 56

Level 57

Matexo level 57

Level 58

Matexo level 58

Level 59

Matexo level 59

Level 63

Matexo level 63

Level 65

Matexo level 65

Level 67

Matexo level 67

  1. Level 68: Matexo level 68
  2. Level 120: Matexo level 120
  3. Level 215: Matexo level 215
  4. Level 216: Matexo level 216
  5. Level 218: Matexo level 218
  6. Level 219: Matexo level 219
  7. Level 220: Matexo level 220
  8. Level 310: Matexo level 310
  9. Level 317: Matexo level 317
  10. Level 318: Matexo level 318
  11. Level 319: Matexo level 319
  12. Level 320: Matexo level 320
  13. Level 410: Matexo level 410
  14. Level 411: Matexo level 411
  15. Level 414: Matexo level 414

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