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Oberty is a family game app developed by Dmytro Denys, available on iOS and Android since February 2024.
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Welcome to the Oberty Walkthrough! This comprehensive guide offers step-by-step instructions, gameplay advice, and strategies for the iPhone, iPad, and Android versions of Oberty. It includes various tricks and cheats to help you progress all the way through the game to 100% completion.

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As of February 7, 2024, an update for Oberty V1.0.2 is available, bringing improved gameplay and new features! Upgrade now through your device's app store.

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Oberty: A Quick Overview

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Tips for Playing Oberty

Oberty is a minimalist shape-blending puzzle game with over 200 puzzles to complete. The goal of the game is to rotate and blend cards using the XOR rule: "Black + Black = White". Here are some tips to help you succeed:

1. Pay attention to the XOR rule: Remember that when you blend two black cards together, they will become white.

2. Use the level editor: Get creative and design your own unique level-cards. You can even share them with your friends by sending them a picture of the level-card.

3. Take your time: Oberty is a relaxing game, so don't rush. Take your time to strategize and find the best moves to complete the puzzles.

4. Enjoy the atmosphere: The game features a monochromatic visual style and an atmospheric original soundtrack, creating a calming and immersive experience.

5. Inclusive color schemes: Oberty offers color schemes that are suitable for people with visual impairment, making the game accessible to a wider audience.

6. No ads: The game is ad-free, allowing you to enjoy the puzzles without interruptions.

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