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Welcome to the Finger Walk walkthrough! This will be a complete walkthrough of the Finger Walk game app for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. It'll cover all the gameplay tips, cheats and strategies you need to beat every level.

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Here you will find gameplay guides, answers, tutorials, tips, and a discussion section for each level to help you progress and keep playing the game. Join us to discuss, share tips and find the best video tutorials in our Finger Walk walkthrough. Feel free to ask any questions in the discussion section below. Enjoy!

Finger Walk is a unique game created by Huseyin Aydin, available since April 2019 on the App Store and Google Play. For more details on the app, check the download and review page.

Updated for May 2024, version 1.0.

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Tips for Finger Walk game

Let your fingers do the walking in this addictive game. The goal is simple - make your finger walk on the platforms without touching the ground. Here are some tips to help you master the game:

1. Take your time: Don't rush, as each platform moves at a different speed. Take your time to plan your moves and avoid falling.

2. Aim for the center: Try to position your finger in the center of each platform to maintain balance and prevent it from slipping off.

3. Collect power-ups: Grab power-ups along the way to boost your score and enhance your finger's abilities.

4. Practice makes perfect: The more you play, the better you'll get. So keep practicing and aim for your best score!

Enjoy the outstanding graphics and realistic finger physics as you challenge yourself in Finger Walk. Have fun and happy walking!

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Finger Walk - Part 4 Finger Walk - Part 4

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