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Music Star - Life Simulator: Walkthrough, Guides And Tips

Welcome to the Music Star walkthrough! This will be a complete walkthrough for Music Star on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices, including tips on how to complete every level, plus some cheats, strategies on how to play, and much more.

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We are a growing Music Star community that helps each other through the game challenges. Discuss strategies with other players, share tips, and find the best gameplay videos to watch in our Music Star Life Simulator walkthrough. So, please post your questions, answers, tricks, or any help you have in the discussion section below. Enjoy!

Music Star is a unique word game created by Chimpanzee Llc, available since October 2022 on the App Store and Google Play. For more details and to download the app, click here.

Updated for June 2024, version 1.0.42.

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Guide to Music Star Life Simulator

In Music Star Life Simulator, your goal is to become a superstar in the music industry. Create chart-topping hits, negotiate record deals, and sign artists to your own label. Level up your musical talent and release viral albums in 50+ genres. Grow your fanbase by going viral and being social. Gain followers and earn royalties on streams and music video views. Aim to win awards and become the biggest award-winning artist in the world. Start your own record label, manage merchandise, and even become a venture capitalist. Compete globally and strive to make it into the Top 100 Artists!

Levels - User Guides

Explore player-created level guides for Music Star, or submit your own and share your strategies with the community.

How to play Music Star (iOS gameplay) How to play Music Star (iOS gameplay)
Music Star - Part 1 Music Star - Part 1
Music Star - Level 1 Music Star - Level 1
Music Star - Part 2 Music Star - Part 2

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