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Match Ball 3D - Triple Tile - Walkthrough, Guide & Tips

Welcome to the Match Ball 3D walkthrough! This will be a complete walkthrough for Match Ball 3D on iOS and Android, including tips on how to complete every level, plus some cheats, strategies on how to play, and much more.

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Match Ball 3D is a game designed with your well-being in mind. With many fun & cute relaxing 3D objects, each level is more interesting than the one before. In each level, the difficulty of triples and the number of items also slightly increases to keep your brain challenged. For more details on the app, check the download and review page.

Updated for May 2024, version 2.3.4.

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## How to Play Match Ball 3D: Tips for Mastering the 3D Puzzle Game

In the game Match Ball 3D, the goal is to tap on three items that look the same and connect them into triples. Here are some tips to help you become a 3D puzzle master:

1. Spin the ball: The items are hidden inside a ball that can be rotated in any direction. Spin the ball to find and match the covered items.

2. Clear all the items: Keep connecting triples until you match 3 and clear all the items on the screen.

3. Explore different themes: The game offers cute animals, yummy food, cool toys, and exciting emojis as themed levels. Enjoy the variety!

4. Challenge yourself: As you progress, the difficulty of triples and the number of items slightly increases to keep your brain stimulated.

5. Improve your memory: Match Ball 3D includes brain trainer levels that help enhance your memorization abilities. Challenge yourself and become a puzzle-solving pro!

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