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QB - a cube's tale: Walkthrough, Guides And Tips

Welcome to the QB walkthrough! This will be a complete walkthrough for QB on iOS and Android, including tips on how to complete every level, plus some cheats, strategies on how to play, and much more.

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QB - a cube's tale is only compatible with devices that have iOS 9 or higher. For more details and to download the app, click here.

Updated for May 2024, version 2.1.1.

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Tips for Playing QB - A Cube's Tale

Immerse yourself in the challenging world of QB - A Cube's Tale, a labyrinth puzzle game, where the goal is to reach the final black cubes in each of the 80 levels. Here are some tips to help you succeed:

1. Pay attention to the colored cubes: Each cube has its own mechanic, which can either help or hinder your progress. Understand how each cube works and strategize accordingly.

2. Enter cubes carefully: The trick is to enter cubes in the right direction. Be cautious, as some cubes can destroy the field or block your path, making it difficult to reach your goal.

3. Aim for 3 stars: Play each level multiple times to find the perfect way to solve it and earn up to 3 stars as a reward. Collect stars to unlock new levels.

4. Challenge Mode: Once you've collected at least 190 stars, you can enter Challenge Mode. Test your skills in 4 stages with 4 levels of difficulty, where you have only one attempt to solve each level.

5. iCloud synchronization: Your progress will be saved in iCloud, allowing you to continue playing on all your devices.

Enjoy the innovative, direction-dependent gameplay of QB - A Cube's Tale and conquer the labyrinth puzzles to become a master.

Levels - User Guides

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How to play QB (iOS gameplay) How to play QB (iOS gameplay)
QB - Level 70 QB - Level 70
QB - Level 80 QB - Level 80

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