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Reviews: 56 Avg. Rating: 4.0/10 United States

Positive reviews

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5 out of 5
Made My Life Better

This is my favorite app. If you love being organized and keeping a to-do list on hand, a planner and an agenda all in one— I
cannot recommend this enough. The aesthetics are elegant and clean. 🤍 A beautiful app.

October 25, 2023
4 out of 5
Beautiful Design, Elegant and Chic!

Beautifully designed, elegant and chic. Design meets functionality in a calendar just what I was looking for! I would like to see
a ‘search’ function, the ability to search for past or future events, tasks, notes

October 28, 2023
4 out of 5
Watch app

It needs a watch app I hope they can make one it will help with out having a phone on me all the time

July 23, 2023
5 out of 5
One of my faves.

By far something you should purchase. I wish is had other colors but hopefully they come up with it soon. Looking forward to new
add add ons as well if they are coming.

June 10, 2023
4 out of 5
I am enjoying it

It’s has a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing interface. I like the widgets on my Home Screen, makes it easy to view and makes
me productive.
I just wish the sync function between my iPhone and iPad would be better and easier to do. Also the calendar integration could use
an update.

June 14, 2023
5 out of 5

I love this app so much it’s beautiful and useful my favorite!!

April 12, 2023
5 out of 5
Aesthetically pleasing and very organized!

I love this app! It helps me stayed organized. & It’s so aesthetically pleasing and the widgets are a bonus, they help my home
screen and other pages look cuter

Nicole Chantelle
January 13, 2023
4 out of 5
Beautiful planner but…

I love the look and aesthetic of this planner…its only down fall is, it only syncs one way with my work calendar. I can only
import what I put on my work calendar, so whatever I put in this planner doesn’t show up on my work calendar. I wish it worked
cohesively together.

January 7, 2023
5 out of 5

So beautiful and easy to use. Integrates easy with iCal, and has a journal for daily entries. Right at your fingertips. Definitely
recommend. :)

January 7, 2023
4 out of 5
Beautiful App

Love how beautiful this makes my planning. Only thing that missing is a way to add location/addresses of events and have them be
interactive with directions like google cal and iCal.

January 2, 2023
5 out of 5
My Task Management System

I use the widgets to help with task capturing on the go and viewing my schedule. Aesthetically pleasing, simple, and functional.
The only digital planning app I use 🤍

December 25, 2022
4 out of 5
Widget help is lacking

Very pretty layout but I have a problem with trying to figure out how to add widgets to the Home Screen.

November 13, 2022
5 out of 5

The best planner ever. This planner has actually made me contemplate about seriously going digital.

planbella EP
November 16, 2022
5 out of 5

It’s a little tedious to get set up but overall I love it and the aesthetics is beautiful

November 20, 2022
5 out of 5
Amazing amazing amazing

Please make Lock Screen widget available to ios 16

September 22, 2022
5 out of 5
Love this app!

I’ve been a lover of all things minimalist for 8 years and when I saw this app on IG I got super excited, I am in love!!!
Definitely recommend. I never used the iPhone calendar, never appealed to me but this one is a game changer.

October 5, 2022
4 out of 5

Wish the app had little more color even if it's stale pale neutral colors. It would be very eye pleasing to have a pop of color in
the widgets and throughout the app.

September 14, 2022
4 out of 5
Nice, easy, and aesthetic.

I was looking for something simple and effective and I think I found it here…I would spend so much time on other apps with so
many bells and whistles that I never got anything done after I organized my week! If you’re overwhelmed like I was, give this
one a try.

July 25, 2022
4 out of 5
time zones

love this app but it changes the time of events when you switch time zones.. so that kinda messes all my stuff up

August 13, 2022
5 out of 5
I love this app

This app has helped me organize my life. And i love it. My only suggestion would be to have an interface to have a to do list
where tasks can be checked off

July 14, 2022
5 out of 5
Love this beautiful app

Beautiful app. Love the widgets

June 22, 2022
4 out of 5
Love. But wish I could use on other devices

I love this app. But i wish I could use it on my iPad and Mac. I feel as I would recommend or us it more if possible

June 15, 2022
4 out of 5
Pretty, Wish I could change one thing

Very pretty. I just wish I didn’t have to choose a time for every single to-do item during the day. It makes adding to-dos
quickly into a clunky process instead of the brain dump I need it to be.
Otherwise, an absolutely beautiful app.

April 16, 2022
5 out of 5
Love it

Great App, simple & clean, beautiful design, well worth the price, buy it, you’ll love it!!! “Thank you Dev”!!!

April 24, 2022
4 out of 5
4 stars

So simple, yet very chic. Wish it connected to other devices though after I downloaded it on my iPad under the same Apple ID, it
didn’t sync:( that’s the only downfall

March 27, 2022
4 out of 5
I like it…

This app is very aesthetically pleasing and helps me to stay organized. I wish it had a mood check-in and pictures could be added
like on Floret. Other than that. This app is very minimal and is great

March 28, 2022
4 out of 5

So far, I’m loving it. But- I paid to add the widgets and I haven’t been able to add them!!!

March 17, 2022
4 out of 5
Good but not there yet…

Edit button isn’t working…
Can’t input widgets
But beautiful design and has potential!

Mike R.
March 19, 2022
4 out of 5

Aesthetically beautiful, difficulty naming how to use widgets once downloaded.

February 26, 2022
5 out of 5
Beautiful layout

I love how beautiful this is. Will update with usability later

February 27, 2022
4 out of 5
Beautiful design

Love this except I wish it would sync with my task and notes automatically with my in my existing iPhone

January 5, 2022
4 out of 5
Needs an Ipad version

This planner is aesthetically very pleasing. However it would be amazing if there was a version for the Ipad. I love its simple
yet elegant design overall. It is ridiculous to pay for the widgets thought, each widget costs $1.

January 11, 2022
5 out of 5
Plan Bella App

One of the best minimalist apps that I’ve every experienced. The functionality is excellent and the aesthetics are magnificent
even in dark mode. The cost is worth it, and I will use this for for years to come!

December 14, 2021
4 out of 5
Love it

I just got this app and I’m already in love !

December 4, 2021
5 out of 5

Just what I have been looking for to organize my life! I’m trying to get away from physical planners and this is great! So
simple to use the widgets are so useful! Love the aesthetic!

dog momma 💕
November 5, 2021
4 out of 5
Love this app

Such a beautifully created app! I enjoy looking at my calendar. I wish it had a bit more customization. I can’t get my tasks
from Google to sync. You can only create tasks in Planbella. Otherwise great!

God's Friend J!
November 1, 2021
5 out of 5
Great App

Love this app, keeps me organized for work!

October 12, 2021
5 out of 5
Gorgeous App!

The most simplistic yet elegant task calendar I’ve ever used. Love it!

October 18, 2021

Critic reviews

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3 out of 5
Needs an update for MacOS

I would give this a 5 if I could use it properly on my Macbook and ipad without it being really weird.

September 16, 2023
3 out of 5
Like the app

I like the app i just wish it was more customizable and you didn’t have to make in app purchases after paying for the app.

August 18, 2023
3 out of 5
Beautiful App. Few Updates

This app is stunning and extremely useful. The only issue I have had thus far is transferring and syncing from my google calendar.
If I add extra items to my google calendar it does not transfer after the initial set up of the app.

July 18, 2023
3 out of 5

I would give it 5 if it had a To-Do list feature without having to add a date.

March 21, 2023
3 out of 5

Love it but lately I’ve been hoping for a transparent background for widget. I may be ahead of the game but that would be dope.

January 2, 2023
3 out of 5
App issues

I love this app. It’s really simple & pretty. It does move from each screen slowly. I also have trouble loading the widgets.
Every time I touch add to Home Screen nothing happens. “App support” shows you nothing. And no email to contact anyone???
Can someone please help. Thank you

November 6, 2022
3 out of 5
Lovely app but

It would be nice if it could be synced across miltiple iPhones and ipads

November 9, 2022
3 out of 5

super cute and organized but not worth my $9 since i only get one design and everything else is $0.99

can i get a huuuuuuh yah
August 25, 2022
3 out of 5
Pretty, but…..

My calendar keeps duplicating events. I’ve tried everything to fix it, but can’t. So annoying that there’s 5 entries for one
hour long event I have in my schedule.

August 5, 2022
3 out of 5
Too slow and lags

Is there any update you can fix the slow and lag when trying to start a new task or input information?

July 21, 2022
3 out of 5
Doesn’t work to my liking

The widgets do not add on once purchased no instructions on how to add them once purchased

July 1, 2022
3 out of 5

I like the look. I like the ease of using it. Why can’t I delete an event? I cannot delete an event. Did that get left out?

May 6, 2022
3 out of 5

I love the look but I’m very upset that it’s not functional app that syncs to my main calendars or device to device. This
should be a free app not $7.99 plus tax

My ADP review
April 28, 2022
3 out of 5
Sync across devices

I wish this app was capable of syncing across devices. I use a iPhone and iPad in my daily life so it would have been great to the
ability to sync between the two.

Steffff Njo
April 18, 2022
3 out of 5

I was very disappointed to find out that I needed to pay an additional .99 for EVERY widget.

March 23, 2022
3 out of 5
Can’t use widgets i paid for

I paid for widgets already. I’ve used before once but when I want to ch age it up it doesn’t allow me to use it or add it to
my Home Screen anymore just the (x)

February 26, 2022
3 out of 5

The widgets do not work. Everything else is aesthetically pleasing and organizing though.

What Zit Tooya
March 3, 2022
3 out of 5
Didn’t have biweekly for repeat

Didn’t have biweekly or custom for repeating entries

November 2, 2021

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