Neural Cloud has an IPA/APK download size of 3 Gb on its latest version. Neural Cloud is FREE to download. Ready to install? Ensure you have at least 4 Gb of storage space available, then tap the button or scan the QR code below to start the download process!

Neural Cloud

Developed by | Last updated: June 28, 2024

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  • App Category: Games
  • App Size: 3 Gb
  • Version: Version 1.5.0
  • Released: November 2022
  • Downloads: 1,000+
Cyber Strategy RPG

Neural Cloud is a free-to-play strategy game app, developed by Sunborn Network Technology Co.,, available on iOS and Android since its release in November 2022. The updated version 1.5.0 is now available to download, compatible with iOS 12.0+ and Android 10+. Before downloading this app, let's quickly review what Neural Cloud has to offer.

About Neural Cloud

"Warning! Fatal Error: System integrity severely compromised..."

This is an unprecedented threat to the existence of Dolls. In face of formidable enemies and a future filled with uncertainties, the scattered Dolls grit their teeth and steel themselves as they travel in search of the slim hope of salvation.

Humankind may have abandoned them, but as the person in charge of "Project Neural Cloud", you have steadfastly set foot in this unknown land and founded the "Exiles" as you take in meandering Dolls. With you as their leader, the Exiles shall explore the secrets of the world, find a way out of this desperate situation, and uncover the truth...

「Unique and intricate characters」

Next-gen Dolls from all walks of life await your orders. Seek them out and expand the ranks of the Exiles. Train your favorite Dolls and help them break free of the shackles on their neural clouds. Uncover their hidden pasts... Hush, those are secrets between you and your Dolls.

「Combat that calls for both strength and strategy」

Experience a brand-new combat mode that embodies the essence of roguelike games, with meticulous settings and characterization. Take risks and engage powerful enemies, play it safe and carefully plan your moves with the big picture in mind, or play it by ear and improvise depending on the situation⁠—more than one path leads to victory. Organize your ranks and come up with viable team comps while making good use of friendship buffs, and leave the rest to the Exiles.

「Fun and functional construction system」

Gather materials on your journey to construct and upgrade facilities within the Oasis, the Exiles’ new home. Build a city based on your preferences, upgrade its infrastructure, and construct dormitories to obtain rich resources and powerful buffs. May you and your beloved Dolls enjoy a brief respite before you set off on your next adventure.

What's new in version 1.5.0

[New Event] Neural Cloud Major Event [Perilous Advancement]
New event now available! Participate to acquire rich rewards and new Dolls!
A lurking traitor launches their assault, and the Exiles' nerve center falls into peril! After being devastated by the railgun, the Oasis hangs onto survival by a thin thread. With a mighty foe ahead and their home behind them, the Professor must dissect the situation and devise a stratagem to find a sliver of hope for the Oasis.
Bolster each other in your travels, but remember well the departed. Under a world of pressure we strive, as the horizon's final light dawns.

[Old City, New Look] Fractured Board [Exile-Garrisoned Sector, Oasis]
The home base of the "Exiles", the Oasis serves as their foundation as well as spiritual backbone. The sector is often led by the Professor themselves, while Persicaria and other Dolls attend to their duties towards the continued function of the sector. While the Professor temporarily departs from the Oasis to lend their assistance to Rossum, the Oasis is bombarded by the High-Density Operand Railgun, and is grievously damaged.
The Professor stalls the greatest threat to the Oasis while another formidable and mysterious foe approaches. How will Persicaria, in charge of the Oasis, bear this burden? What decisions will she have to make so that everyone will be safe?

[System Improvements]
- New story, Algorithms, and enemies
New Algorithms and their Collection Zones have been unlocked, ready for the arrival of new adversaries. With a honed edge and sharp mind, prepare for even greater challenges!
- Gameplay Optimizations
After such long periods of companionship and camaraderie, the trust and understanding between the Professor and their friends only deepens. More combat missions can now be quickly assigned. "Vulnerability Check" and "Fault Protocol" improvements will be making their way onto the Cloud, and the "Sapience Expansion Program" as well as the "Factory"'s usage processes will receive optimizations as well. Every department of the Oasis strides forwards for the sake of a better future!

[Two new Dolls] Lind & Horizon
[Lind] The UL-SD was a Doll used for clinical trials developed by Ultilife. The project's goal was to reproduce various human organ and tissue groups to simulate an actual human being for the purpose of undergoing clinical trials and providing data for researchers. Test Subject SIC-012 "Lind" was the first satisfactory unit. Not only did she possess a tremendously life-like semi-organic biosynthetic exterior, she even possessed fully-detailed cerebral structures that other Dolls could not match, to the point where Lind was even eligible to undergo certain psychiatric experiments. For the sake of the company's operations, all experiments regarding this Doll model were strictly classified by Ultilife.

[Horizon] Working in conjunction with many high-end artistic and design educational institutions across the globe, the UA-ID is a project helmed by Universal Anything Services, targeted at producing commercial Dolls for use in the field of modern interior design. This project's aim is to overcome the limitations of human beings in the development of artistic aesthetics, as well as attempt to integrate art styles from different regional cultures and consumer classes in order to deliver an iterative series of outputs and provide a variety of solutions to improve the quality of life for different grades of users. Horizon is a second-generation product of the UA-ID project, and in addition to her artistic design modules, she has also been equipped with basic primary industrial processing abilities. This helps Horizon demonstrate the practical effects of design that can be used for reference and avoids the issue of first-generation UA-ID Dolls producing designs that are too detached from reality.

Need help? Use our Neural Cloud Walkthrough page or sign up and make your contribution today.

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Neural Cloud has an IPA/APK download size of 3 Gb on its latest version. Neural Cloud is FREE to download. Ready to install? Ensure you have at least 4 Gb of storage space available, then tap the button or scan the QR code below to start the download process!

Ranking History in App Store (U.S)

  • Ranked #88 in Strategy Games
  • Average ranking over the past 30 days: #38
  • Top Ranked: #1 on 20-11-2022
  • The game has an average rating of 4.7 on app stores


  • First Released in Strategy for free Feb 18, 2024
  • Release v1.4.0 Sep 18, 2023
  • Release v1.3.2 Apr 20, 2023
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  • iPhone 15, 15 Plus, 15 Pro, 15 Pro Max
  • iPhone 14, 14 Plus, 14 Pro, 14 Pro Max
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max
  • iPhone 12 Pro
  • Old devices: iPhone X/SE/8/7/6
  • iPad Pro
  • iPad Mini
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