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  • App Category: Utilities
  • App Size: 3 MB
  • Version: Version 1.18.0
  • Released: November 2019
  • Downloads: 1,000+

Tabletop Miniature Collection

Figure Case - Hobby Progress is an utilities app, developed by Simon Nickel, available on iOS and Android since its release in November 2019. The updated version 1.18.0 is now available to download, compatible with iOS 14.0+ and Android 10+. Before downloading this app, let's quickly review what Figure Case Hobby Progress has to offer.

About Figure Case

Organize your tabletop miniature collection and track your painting progress.

Figure Case is the tool for your miniature hobby like Warhammer 40,000 and Age of Sigmar or any other tabletop miniature games.

1. Enter all your miniatures.

2. Organize your minis into collections.

3. Track your assembly and painting progress.

4. See the status of your collection.

5. Sync your collection between your iPhone and iPad with iCloud.

For all types of tabletop minis, not just Warhammer 40k or Age of Sigmar. If you collect, assemble and paint something, this is for you.

Organize your miniatures into collections (e.g. by factions or game systems). Track your assembly and painting progress (Unassembled ▸ Assembled ▸ Primed ▸ Painted ▸ Based). As result you get an overview of your miniature collection, to decide on your next painting project and know how many miniatures you have ready for your games. You can also add miniatures to your wishlist.

For even more overview you can group your collections and models. Just select a group from the edit screen or open the Group Manager to quickly organize all items. Groups can be collapsed to shorten your lists for better overview, it will show a summary of your progress.

Enter notes for your collections or miniatures, e.g. to keep track of your painting scheme.

With Figure Case you can:

- Enter all your miniatures, no matter which brand.

- See the total amount of miniatures you own and effort you put into them.

- You can set an effort modifier for bigger or more detailed Models.

- Follow your progress from Unassembled ▸ Assembled ▸ Primed ▸ Painted ▸ Based.

- Configure your workflow: Wishlist, Unassembled, Assembled, Base Prepared, Primed, In Progress, Painted, Based, Finished.

- Organize your miniatures in collections and groups.

- Drag and drop to reorder your items.

- Add notes to your collections and models (e.g. to remember your painting scheme).

- Get a status overview of your complete hobby collection.

- Keep your data in sync between your iPhone and iPad using your iCloud account.

The app is independent of any vendor, no matter if your miniatures are from Games Workshop, Privateer Press, Fantasy Flight Games, Mantic Games, Wyrd Games, Steamforged, Corvus Belli, Battlefront Miniatures, Catalyst Game Labs or any other producer of miniatures.

You can use it for any game system that you own. No matter if it is Warmachine, Warhammer 40,000, Kings of War, Necromunda, Star Wars: X-Wing, Deadzone, Malifaux, Warcry, Guild Ball, Necromunda, Armada, Blood Bowl, Age of Sigmar, Dreadball, 9th Age, Flames of War, Warhammer: Underworlds, BattleTech, Star Wars: Legion, Hordes, Kill Team, Infinity. Can also be used for no longer existing tabletop games like Warhammer Fantasy or wargames made up on your own.

Feel free to reach out for feedback, feature requests or if you encounter any issues. Twitter: @warganizer, Instagram: or reach out to:

What's new in version 1.18.0

New in version 1.18.0:
- Redesigned metrics section on insights screen.
- Metrics section now has button to 'Show more', which opens list of all metrics.
- New Metric: Average Effort Factor.

Bugfixes and Improvements:
- Restructured Metric Configuration screen to support scrollable metric layout.
- Metric Configuration now shows preview with actual values based on where it`s opened from.
- Adjusted some wording and navigation titles.
- No longer crashes when a note ends with a new line.

Thank you for the reviews, ratings and sharing it with your friends!
Feedback is highly appreciated, just reach out to: or drop me a message on social media (Twitter: @warganizer, Instagram:

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Figure Case has an IPA/APK download size of 3 MB on its latest version. Figure Case costs $4.99 to download. Ready to install? Ensure you have at least 4 MB of storage space available, then tap the button or scan the QR code below to start the download process!

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  • Release v1.18.0 Apr 2, 2023
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