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Explore the Creative Universe of KidultLovin: Dive into our extensive reviews, featuring 5 unique apps for iOS and Android. Discover the evolution of innovation as we chart KidultLovin's journey from their earliest apps to the latest breakthroughs in the digital landscape.

Starting Point: Our journey began with “Zen Word - Relax Puzzle Game”, released on 17/01/2023. This app set the stage for what has become a diverse and engaging portfolio.

Latest Release: Fast forward to the most recent addition, “Cryptogram Master”, launched on 05/02/2024. It has already captivated users and earned a rating of 0.00-stars, reflecting KidultLovin's commitment to quality and user satisfaction.

Scroll below to explore our list: Here, you'll find a detailed catalog of all the apps we've reviewed from KidultLovin. Each entry provides insights and information to help you find your next favorite app. Happy exploring!


We have reviewed a total of 5 iPhone and iPad apps published by KidultLovin since 17/01/2023. Out of these, 5 were free apps.

# Apps Category Price Released
1 App Icon Cryptogram Master
By KidultLovin | iOS | Version 1.0
Games Free 05/02/2024
2 App Icon Daisy Word Search
By KidultLovin | iOS | Version 1.1
Games Free 12/01/2024
3 App Icon Jenny Solitaire - Card Games
By KidultLovin | iOS | Version 1.18.0
Games Free 09/09/2023
4 App Icon BlockTopia - Combo Mania
By KidultLovin | iOS | Version 1.3.2
Games Free 02/06/2023
5 App Icon Zen Word - Relax Puzzle Game
By KidultLovin | iOS | Version 1.31.0
Games Free 17/01/2023

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