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Bubble Mania Version History

This page contains a detailed history of Bubble Mania releases and updates across all editions for iPhones, iPads and other platforms.

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Updates Log

Name Date Platform
Bubble Mania v1.3.4 Apr 22, 2013 iOS
Bubble Mania v1.3.3 Jan 24, 2013 iOS
Bubble Mania v1.3.2 Jan 16, 2013 iOS
Bubble Mania v1.3.1 Jan 9, 2013 iOS
Bubble Mania v1.3 Dec 18, 2012 iOS
Bubble Mania v1.1.2 Nov 8, 2012 iOS
Bubble Mania v1.1.1 Aug 15, 2012 iOS
Bubble Mania v1.1 Jul 20, 2012 iOS
Bubble Mania v1.4.6 Jun 15, 2012 iOS
Bubble Mania v1.1 Jun 15, 2012 iOS

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