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Mountain Climber Survival Simulator Full

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Universal App – Optimized for iPhone and iPad.

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  • Version 1.0
  • Release date Jul 1, 2016
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  • Age 12+
  • Genre Adventure
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App Store Description

You were at routine climb to the highest mountain in the world, but something went wrong, and now you should use all your skills to survive at this cold, harsh and cruel place! Survive at all costs with Mountain Climber Survival Simulator!
Dive into the desperate and cold atmosphere of a highlands! Fight for your life against predators, hunt animals, collect resources to build shelters and craft weapons and survival tools playing Mountain Climber Survival Simulator! Quarry enough resources to craft necessary equipment and leave this nightmarish place! So, collect resources, stay alive and have fun!
This mountain is a harsh and unfriendly place, but don’t despond! It’s chance for you to prove your worth as a real survivor! So, hunt, craft, and build – do all that you can to stay alive and get out of here! Use all your fighting and survival skills to stay alive, salvage tools and weapons to unravel the secrets of this damn hot place! Beware of predators – especially of vultures – in this empty place it will with pleasure include you in its meal! Hunt or be hunted and battle for your life trying to get off this hillside!
Protect yourself from chilling frost - kill animals to make clothes from its skins and don’t leave your camp after sunset – night would swallow warm from your body in a couple of minutes! Don’t forget to mind other indicators - health, energy, hunger and starve - never let it drops!
Complete different missions, find or craft weapons and tools, level up your skills and stay alive at all costs! Unravel all secrets and mysteries of this sandy and dry place to find the way to get out of here! Be ready for unusual survival experience, raise up your survival skills and stay alive in a desert with Mountain Climber Survival Simulator!
Mountain Climber Survival Simulator  features:
Explore hillside as a lost climber – this is a harsh and hostile place, you know!
Mind survivor’s indicators – build shelters to hide from frost, find water and provide yourself with food
Find weapons, quarry resources, and craft useful tools – axes, hammers and so on
Use all your survival and fighting skills to stay alive, unravel all secrets of this place and leave it safely
Feel as a real survivor! Do your best to survive on this harsh mountain – hunt animal, battle predators and craft weapons! Test your skills with Mountain Climber Survival Simulator !

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Mountain Climber Survival Simulator Full is a universal iOS app available in the App Store for $3.99 (Ads free) with no in-app purchases. The game is compatible with all devices running iOS 6.0 or later, including the new iPhone 6 and iPad Mini. To download the Mountain Climber Survival Simulator Full app click the button below to go to the app's download page.

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