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Screenshot - Patrick Kane

Team USA and Chicago Blackhawks hockey star Patrick Kane invites you to take a shot at glory in PATRICK KANE’S HOCKEY CLASSIC!

Dominate the ice across four net-busting game-modes; instant action FACE-OFF, thrilling PLAYOFFS, exhilarating WINTER GAMES and the challenging RIVALS SERIES. Take on all of the internationally acclaimed national teams from around the World, with Patrick himself skating for both Team USA and Chicago. Perform faultless face-offs, slamming slap-shots and perfect poke-checks to bring down even the toughest of nations. Built with the innovative Phoenix™ technology, Patrick Kane’s Hockey Classic features incredibly fluid controls and the highly detailed 3D visuals provide an electrifying backdrop to the most entertaining hockey simulation on iOS.

Take to the ice right away with the ‘no fuss’ FACE-OFF mode. Pick your team and opposition from 18 top national teams, set your strategy and hit that puck between the opposition’s pipes.

Stakes are high with the finest teams fighting their way to the top in the thrilling PLAYOFFS. Go all in for the win with Patrick Kane playing for Chicago or play for your favourite city from over 40 teams in the greatest puck battle of the year.

Hockey giant Russia is hosting the majestic WINTER GAMES, where 12 teams battle through group and knockout stages with only ONE nation crowned as the winner in the gold medal ceremony - will it be your team?

Your chance to change history, recreating some of the hockey world’s greatest moments and rivalries, that are set to challenge your skills with the puck.

Strategize your game and change your strategy on the fly for the optimal team play on the ice. Deliver your shots with the ultimate precision and keep away from the penalty box to annihilate your opposition.

Phoenix™ engine delivers high-poly 3D player models, motion-captured skating animations and instinctive controls for the most complete hockey gaming ever seen on iOS. Eye-popping particle effects and cheering crowds lift the atmosphere to new heights for the ultimate hockey experience.

Rack up the Game Center-powered ACHIEVEMENTS and collect all KANE CARDS for the ultimate top hockey dog bragging rights. Challenge fellow puckheads to beat your score with Game Center, Facebook or Twitter.
McDonald’s, the Golden Arches logo and I’m lovin’ it are trademarks of McDonald’s Corporation and its affiliates, used with permission.

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  • Screenshot - Patrick Kane
  • Screenshot - Patrick Kane

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Rating Review Date
♥ 4 I think there should be a fight button to challenge people and then switch to fighting controls. BTW great game.2015-07-25
♥ 3 Overall it's a fun game. Some of the icing calls though are baffleing. When passing out of the offensive zone, the puck goes right
back in for offsides. Would like to see aggregated stats at the of the second third, OT and shoot outs.
♥ 4 This is the second best hockey I have played I highly recommend it.2015-07-14
♥ 5 Flat out the best hockey game in the iTunes store. Way to go #88. Keep em coming!2015-06-20
♥ 5 It counts as a goal in in The middle of the shootouts2015-06-17
♥ 3 First off no changing of sides after periods, the last time I checked no shootout in playoffs, were are the real nhl teams at this
game needs a major update love Patrick Kane but come developers fix t

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