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Snoopy's Candy Town

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    Dec 19, 2013

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Screenshot - Snoopy

Welcome to Snoopy’s Candy Town! Snoopy’s dad has left him a Candy Factory and it’s your job to help him run the show. The problem is, you could fit everything our favourite beagle knows about candy onto a gum drop! Help Snoopy, Belle, and Woodstock set up shop and start making the most delicious candy the world has ever known!


► Enjoy the spectacle of a fizz-popping Candy Factory where a team of frantic birds operate mechanical marvels like the Candy Popper, the Jelly Jammer and the Candy Folder!
► Help Charlie Brown and the Peanuts Gang fix up the entire town as he sets out to become Class President!
► Expand your Factory and build your empire from the ground up!
► Hordes of hungry, candy loving kids, all clamoring for your candy! Me first!
► You’ll never see a cuter sight than a tricycle ridden by a team of birdies. Well how else do you think your ingredients get delivered!?
► They’re even cuter when you upgrade them – scooters, cars, trucks, we’ve got ’em all!
► Warning: do not attempt to eat any of the candies you see in your game. Biting into iPhones, iPods and iPads can seriously damage your device. And your teeth. And your credibility if you happen to try it while in a public space.

PLEASE NOTE: Snoopy’s Candy Town is free to play, but charges real money for additional in-app content. You may lock out the ability to purchase in-app content by adjusting your device’s settings.

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  • Screenshot - Snoopy
  • Screenshot - Snoopy

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Rating Review Date
♥ 3 Please create updates! The last time this game was updated was 2014 and it is not fair to its players. You should just get rid of
VIP and stop asking people to spend money. Also what is with all of the fences in the daily gifts? They are not needed.
Thank you!
♥ 5 Totally worth it!2015-08-16
♥ 5 I have been waiting so long for this game and types like these have no ending2015-08-14
♥ 4 Love it !! :))))2015-08-13
♥ 5 Always nice to have a great part of Americana last and be put in a game. Peanuts is awesome, watch for the movie2015-07-27
♥ 5 I love this game it's the best I love this and snoops street fair I love these games...GO SNOOPY!!!2015-07-23

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