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Schwan's Food Delivery

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    Aug 14, 2013

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Schwan's Food Delivery (free) by Schwan's is a food & drink app . If you liked apps such as Zomato - Food & Restaurant Finder and Postmates, then you must check out Schwan's Food Delivery.

The Schwan’s Food Delivery app makes it easier than ever to get your favorite frozen food groceries delivered right to your door. Now you can shop over 350 foods and manage your delivery and orders all with a few taps on your iOS device.


•Place and update orders
•View and manage delivery times
•Get order and delivery reminder notifications
•Create favorite lists and shop past purchases
•Earn and redeem SCHWAN'S REWARDS™ points
•Save money with online-only hot deals and coupons
•Enjoy the same great service at your door

We offer over 350 high-quality products flash-frozen at the peak of freshness and flavor, conveniently delivered to your door. We invite you to open your door to delicious and discover new ways for your family and friends to share great meals together.


For over 60 years, Schwan’s Home Delivery has been committed to providing superior products and delivery service you can’t find anywhere else. You’ll discover all Schwan’s has to offer at Schwans.com or through the app.

Schwan's Food Delivery is available on the App Store as a universal app for free. To download the app Schwans Food Delivery, scan the following QR code or use the download button below to get the app via iTunes. It's compatible with most Apple iOS devices running iOS 7.0 or higher, including the new iPhone 6 Plus and iPad mini.

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  • Step 3: Sync your iPhone/iPad to complete the process.

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Reviews and Ratings

Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Schwan's Food Delivery.

Rating Review Date
♥ 5 I am very pleased with everything I ever ordered from you. Great food2015-06-08
♥ 2 Was an ok appLatest version is brokenI can't login2015-05-25
♥ 2 App no longer works. Just spins and spins and spins. Need to get it fixed.2015-05-13
♥ 4 The app is not configured to work with VoiceOver on iOS devices. My husband is blind and can't use the app, whereas he can use
other apps which are formatted properly.
♥ 4 Can you make the password entry screen easier to see? The font is tiny and it's really hard to type. Thanks!2015-02-25
♥ 5 I love this app! The app is so convenient and easy to use!2014-09-26

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