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Disney Princess Palace Pets

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    Jun 27, 2013

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Disney Princess Palace Pets (free) by Disney is a books app . It is from the same team behind Where's My Mickey? XL. If you liked apps such as 5 Love Languages and Khatmah - ختمة, then you must check out Disney Princess Palace Pets.

A little magic goes a long way as you play along with Cinderella's glamorous puppy, Pumpkin! And of course, if you love this timeless fairytale, don't miss the live-action re-telling of Disney's Cinderella in theaters on March 13!

And now there are even more adorable Palace Pets to love! Meet Belle's curious kitten, Rouge; Mulan's determined pony, Lychee; and Aurora’s shy fox, Nuzzles…and treat them to a delightful day at the Royal Pet Salon! All of the new Pets are available for purchase within this enchanted world.

***Meet the new Pets. They can't wait to get to know you!
***Learn how each Pet and Princess became forever friends.
***Bathe, brush, groom, and accessorize each adorable friend.
***Create a royal gallery of beautiful Palace Pets portraits.

*Wash and brush the pets in Interactive salon stations. Remember, no visit is complete without a special accessory and a yummy treat!
*Explore 26 interactive stories featuring adorable art and animation.
*Enjoy charming music, sound effects, and pet voices.
*Take photos and save them with an innovative tool.

If you are experiencing difficulties with audio, please check the audio settings within your device and if your device is muted. Don't hesitate to contact customer care at 877-662-3769 or member [email protected]

Before you download this experience, please consider that this app contains in-app purchases that cost real money, as well as advertising for The Walt Disney Family of Companies.

Disney Princess Palace Pets is available on the App Store as a universal app for free. To download the app Disney Princess Palace Pets, scan the following QR code or use the download button below to get the app via iTunes. It's compatible with most Apple iOS devices running iOS 7.0 or higher, including the new iPhone 6 Plus and iPad mini.

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Reviews and Ratings

Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Disney Princess Palace Pets.

Rating Review Date
♥ 5 This app is so awesome and cute please get this app😄🐴🐯💎2015-08-16
♥ 5 My daughter loves this game but she asked if she could go to the beach. I told her the game doesn't allow that so is it okay if
you add a beach and a mall to shop at? Thank you.

♥ 4 I like it but they could add one pet from each princess2015-08-01
♥ 5 I love Palace Pets sooooooo much! I hope you guys will add Snow White's puppy (I forgot her name!) and Rapunzel's peacock,
Sundrop! (Rapunzel has the most pets by so far! I hope that Elsa and Ana will get their palace pets soon! I'll keep my hopes up
for that!) But... the app need another update bec
♥ 3 My kids love this game and everything is great BUT why do I constantly have to re-download the pets I have purchased, it take 4
minutes to re-download something I have already purchased and that might as well be four hours to a three year old. WHY DO THE
♥ 3 It's a great app but you can only make over 2 different pets2015-07-23

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