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    Apr 25, 2013

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Screenshot - LINE I Love Coffee

"LINE I Love Coffee", a café owner experiencing game, is now available from LINE game!
Be the owner of a fancy café and prosper your business!

Connect with "LINE", the Free calls & Messages apps, and help each other with your LINE friends! You can freely enjoy managing your own café!

What kind of coffee do you like?
Caramel Macchiato? with maple-flavored syrup, marked with espresso and finished with caramel sauce.
Standard American coffee? pleasant-smelling aroma and slightly bitter.
Espresso? the best way of enjoying the flavor of the roasted coffee beans.

*Start form the coffee beans
Take your time for roasting, master various recipes and make a delicious coffee.

*Cafés must be fancy!
Create your unique café by choosing your favorite furniture and accessories from thousands of choices!
As the café becomes fancier, more customers will visit your café!

*Expand your café, employ more staffs and be the owner of the most popular café!
As your café becomes popular, it will be difficult to manage it by yourself.
So, why don't you employ more staffs and expand your café? Don't forget to choose your staff's uniform appropriate to the atmosphere of your café!

*Acquire regular customers from people walking in the town!
Don't you think just waiting for customers inside the fancy café is a waste of time?
Go to the street and show your skills to attract the customers! If your business talk succeeds, you'll acquire a regular customer! However, please forgive their selfishness.

*Let's have more fun with your LINE friends!
When you burn the coffee beans or when your staff is exhausted, let's ask your friends for help. Visit, help each other and you'll get a reward by sending a Clover to your friend!

Need help? Use our LINE I Love Coffee Walkthrough or sign up and make your contribution today.

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  • Screenshot - LINE I Love Coffee
  • Screenshot - LINE I Love Coffee

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Reviews and Ratings

Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for LINE I Love Coffee.

Rating Review Date
♥ 3 Do you know what this app loads like slower thank a slug I waited 5 whole hours and it went back number dumber nine!2015-08-15
♥ 5 On the behalf, this game is really fun. It may needs some improvements on the loading process, but the game itself, I guess, is
worth it. People who actually got to play the game and didn't just delete because they were tired of waiting, kuddos to you! 😄
♥ 3 It takes forever to download like it was 50% then start over. Now I dont know how fun this game would be.. but looks really fun
but I should just wait bc i wanna play sb
♥ 3 My parents restricted every website in the Internet so I can't log into my account. I find it very unfair how the majority of the
game depends on friends. What's the point in playing as a guest if you can't even finish most of the missions? Please fix this
problem because I am close to deleting this
♥ 5 I absolutely love this game! The avatars are so cute but I would love to be able to change the skin color! Please take into
consideration being able to change the color of the avatar's skin! Thanks.
♥ 5 Love the new special guest! She is so cute. I hope you guys could sell "Lady" clothing bundle soon. I also hope that you can also
add the part where can we choose the skin tones for the avatars. Thank

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