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    May 2, 2013

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The premiere MORPG for mobile, Dark Avenger!
Join tens of thousands of players online in the ultimate hack-n-slash dungeon crawler!

• Discover 4 unique classes to fight the evil! •
- Choose from Templar, Archer, Berserker, and Sorceress in your fight against new evils that have awoken!

• State-of-the-art Graphics •
- Over 10 million players are fighting the evil every day!
- Brilliant 3D Graphics featured in Full HD with Dynamic Lighting!!
- Side Camera View feature added for dynamic gameplay!

• Boss Raid: Strategic Co-Op Battle •
- Play simultaneously with 3 other players in Boss Raid mode!
- Formulate strategies with all 4 heroes to defeat the new and advanced World Bosses!

• New 3:3 PvP Battle Network •
- No wait times and queues! Players can join anytime in epic real-time 3:3 Death Matches!
- Reign over others! Play and compete in the warlord match!
- Accumulate wins/losses & kills/deaths to compete in the weekly ranking for awesome rewards!

• Infinity Tower: The Hunting Never Stops •
- Compete against the best players around the world every week!
- Reach new heights and become the ultimate warrior!
- Meet new event bosses at certain floors!

• 18 vs 1: The Ultimate In-Game Action •
- The brand new semi-targeting system allows players to maximize the in-game experience!
- Combine full effects and skills in a devastating combo to fend off multiple enemies at once!

Need help? Use our Dark Avenger Walkthrough or sign up and make your contribution today.

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  • Screenshot - Dark Avenger
  • Screenshot - Dark Avenger

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Reviews and Ratings

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Rating Review Date
♥ 4 This is a pretty good game. It's a bit simplistic at times but still fairly fun to play.2015-06-17
♥ 5 This game is awesome except it crashes a lot and lags. Crashes and all the loot or XP I attained doesn't get saved. I'll give it 5
stars only because it's awesome with all the graphics. And if you can
♥ 3 I hate it because there is a glitch that says login failed but i never saved an account on this please fix this.2015-06-11
♥ 4 I really like this game, but it needs more levels and you should be able to re-play a character.2015-05-23
♥ 5 I got a question why is the game so slow and weird but I still like it just change over or add a new dark wizard let it be a male
avatar to by the way I got another question, if go to sleep alive can
♥ 5 Worth your time and so far has cost not a thing.2015-04-27

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  • 1.0.2 Upgrade May 7, 2013
  • 1.0First TrackedMay 2, 2013
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  • New App: Free May 2, 2013


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