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Music Monsters

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By: Music

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    Sep 14, 2012

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    85.16 MB

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    Music, Arcade, Music

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    Awesome (53 reviews)

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Battle for the Beats in hundreds of free songs from awesome indie artists. Pump Up Your Playlist with FLO RIDA, LADY GAGA, FALL OUT BOY, RIHANNA, CHER LLOYD, SKILLET,THE READY SET, METRO STATION and more. Requires iPhone 5/iPad2 with 512MB RAM.

Play 50 Levels of Lyric Rhythm and Arcade Action
Catch, Tap, and Slice Lyrics In Time With The Beat AND…
- Dodge Flaming and Killer Asteroids
- Shoot Bombs and Buzzsaws That Kill Your Lyrics
- Battle It Out With Sniper Drones
Play With Nine Magical Music Monsters
Build Your Monsters’ Mystical Powers To Help You Pass Levels

Need help? Use our Music Monsters Walkthrough or sign up and make your contribution today.

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Last reviews in United States

Rating Review Date
Music Monster

I'm addicted to this game. It's so much fun to play!

Wild and Addicting

This game is very cool game in the way they use the lyrics and the way you have to make your monster shoot at things and catch
lyrics at the same time. Wild!

Please fix this for iOS 8

It won't go passed loading music library. It just stays stuck there and I can't even play the game 😡

By TheMasonFan on 2014-09-18

This game is addicting. Seriously, I should be out socializing or doing something productive and instead I'm jamming out to this
games sweet tunes and cursing at my phone.

I would defiantly recommend this to anyone who thinks they are gonna get something done today.

By e9stadt on 2014-09-16
Music Discovery App

Game play is ok; but what's really nice about this app is discovering new indie music. So many favorite artist to discover, and
add to my playlist of life. :D

Something New & Cool

Got this game to play Metro Station music. Starts easy then gets real interesting real fast. It really uses the music to make the
game. Level 10 is the BOMB!!!

By StellerGamer2000 on 2014-09-15

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