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Star Warfare: Black Dawn

iOS iPhone

By: Freyr Games

  • Released

    Mar 27, 2013

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    178.8 MB

  • Price:$2.99
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  • Genre

    Action, Arcade

  • User reviews

    Awesome (19 reviews)

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The first FPS (First Person Shooting) game with RPG element in IOS.
Totally 4 classes, more than 100 skills and numerous equipment drops with random attributes are at your choice.
Large maps, challenging tasks and multiplayer online system make fight fun.
Come and join adventuring team in the Muspel Planet!

Classes and Skills:
✓ Four classes with completely different characteristics
✓ Eight adventurers with different backgrounds
✓ 12 completely different game styles
✓ Hundreds of skills and numerous combinations

Long Adventure:
✓ Great scene, complex map and fun to explore
✓ Fascinating theater-level principal plot and funny branch stories
✓ Funny task contents develop gradually focusing on the story and you will never get sick of them.
✓ All these create very challenging levels.

✓ Support 4 persons co-op
✓ Team task mode will make you upgrade rapidly.
✓ Teamwork arena will make you become a forever winner.
✓ Team risk will be more effective and strategic.

Weapon List:
✓ Element weapons are powerful for different enemies.
✓ Random generating and drop system for weapons will give you unrepeated enemy killing pleasure.
✓ Seven categories of weapons are suitable for different dangerous battlefield environment.

Fight against Boss
✓ Epic fight scene
✓ Powerful Boss will challenge your survival skills.
✓ You can challenge it repeatedly and every challenge is exciting.

Follow us to know game updates and sale information
bug report: [email protected]

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  • Screenshot - Star Warfare: Black Dawn

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Last reviews in United States

Rating Review Date
Good game

As a suggestion they could as different gun camos but the res is good

Awesome FPS

This is an awesome Borderlands-like FPS that is fun, runs smoothly, and has a lot of replay-ability. Get it now!

great wish they were ragdolls though xD

RAGE animation and look alike creatures mixed with borderlands everything else.sum ragdolls withmake it more real.add bots with


Since I love Borderlands 2 and this feels like it, it will fill my gaming on the go.

This will over run borderlands

This is a mini borderlands on the go which is just amazing


I did not expect much from this little game but boy was I wrong. This game is literally Borderlands Pocket Edition. Great loot,
decent graphics, and a great leveling make this a game that you should p


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