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FileMaster - File Manager & Downloader

Universal App

By: Shenzhen

  • Released

    Dec 10, 2012

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    21.18 MB

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    Productivity, Utilities

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    Awesome (188 reviews)

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# Rank NO.1 overall in 30 countries #
# The most powerful file manager of iOS. You deserve it!#

FileMaster is a file manager, document viewer, video/audio player, text editor, wifi drive, and more for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch.

Transfer files from your computer, carry them around with you, and share them with your friends.

Using FileMaster is easy. Just long-press on a file or folder icon to display a popup menu. Simply tap your selection and you’re ready to go. You can tap on the screen to copy, paste, create folders and so on.

There’s no need to worry about the security of FileMaster, either. Your files can be accessed remotely with a password or locally with a master passcode. No one but you will see what’s in your FileMaster.

With FileMaster, you can easily share files with your friends (peer-to-peep only) using Bluetooth.

# File Manager #
- Create new folders?- Copy, cut, paste, delete operations
- Long press to popup menus
- Support multi-selection mode
- Import photos/videos from the system album
- Take private photo or video inside the app?- Check the free diskspace
- Cloud stroge supports:Dropbox,SkyDrive,Box...

# Powerful media player #
- Support avi/flv/rmvm/rm/mov/mp4/mp3/wma/m3u8...
- Show snapshot of videos

# Music Player #
- Play all mp3 files in one folder
- Play control
- Background play
- 4 loop modes supported

# Privacy Protection #
- App password
- Folder password
- Wifi authentication
- Hide files/folders

# Document viewer #
- Support word/excel/ppt/pdf/txt/page/number/html/jpeg/epub/chm- zip/unzip (.zip or .rar files)
- Open files with other apps
- Open files from other apps
- Send file as email attachment

A Wi-Fi connection is required to connect to and transfer files to and from FileMaster.

Contact with me:[email protected]

FileMaster is available on the App Store as a universal app for free. To download the app FileMaster File Manager and Downloader, scan the following QR code or use the download button below to get the app via iTunes. it is compatible with most smartphones including iPhone 6 Plus and iPad mini.

iPhone Screenshots

  • Screenshot - FileMaster
  • Screenshot - FileMaster

Get FileMaster for iPhone/iPad

  • Step 1: Scan the QR code or click the download button below.
  • Step 2: Click "install" to download the app to your pc or mac.
  • Step 3: Sync your device to complete the process.

Note: You must have an active iTunes account to download the file, so if you don’t have, please register to iTunes store with a credit card. In case you are not interested to open an account with your credit card number, you can select the option ‘None’ during the secured registration.

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Last reviews in United States

Rating Review Date
Trap file master

This is amazing

By Sadi56826mcm5656fgfg on 2015-10-05
Cool, but...

How would I download music on here?

By Music Tango on 2015-10-05
Looking for support

Okay! So this app is super great! But for the past 7 months now, I'm not able to download music to it like I use to. When the file
gets into the downloading tab, it doesn't download. It just says "waiting"

And I once left it 'waiting' for 3 days, and it never started downloading.

I would appreci

By WolfySnowHeart on 2015-10-04
Super útil

Excelente aplicación!!

By Eyescat on 2015-10-02
Phenomenal App

Good for organizing Files!

By Danny92014 on 2015-10-02
Problem in app

I have a problem in app. This app could play 3gp files previously. But it can't play these files now and crashes. Would you
consider and fix this problem or help me how to do. Thanks

By hoori54 on 2015-10-01

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