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My First Dog

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  • Released

    Oct 10, 2012

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    110.07 MB

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    Family, Simulation

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    Good (122 reviews)

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Meet the cutest dogs of the Smartphone games history!
From now on, Playbean gives you the cutest puppies running in your arms.

■ PLAY Hint!!
Right / Left hand – Drag up a hand you want
Sit – Drag the head down
Lie flat – Drag the head down when your dog sitting
Bang! – Drag the head a side when your dog sitting
Lie - Drag the head a side when Bang!
Roll - Drag the head a side when your dog lies
* Detail tips of tricks are referred below the link of video.

■ Expected UPDATE
A lot of new puppies like Pug, Chihuahua, Miniature Pinsche..etc.
Various rewards when you level up!
Many things you can do with your friends together... Talk with your friends about the episodes when growing your dog. And share rewards visiting friends’ house and helping them.

■ About ‘My First Dog’ ■

■ Live and breathe dogs in your Smartphone.
- The dogs express their emotions like joy, sadness and they’ll do cute actions.
- Enjoying all the things when you bring up your puppy like dressing, feeding
and taking a walk.

■ Hundreds of various costume items.
- Dressing your puppy using enormous costume items
- Finding hidden items when taking a walk or going out with your dog!

■ Puppy will get new talent as your love.
- Getting along with your dog more, your puppy gets a new talent.
- Boast your talents and try to win the championship! It gives you Wealth and Fame!

Play Tip!
- Touch your dog and move it ways. According to action, your dog does a new thing.
- When you find a gift box during taking a walk, lead your dog to it.
- Your dog often play outside so don't be panic if your dog is not in house. Sometimes your dog bring an amazing item.

Need help? Use our My First Dog Walkthrough or sign up and make your contribution today.

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  • Screenshot - My First Dog

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  • Step 3: Sync your device to complete the process.

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Last reviews in United States

Rating Review Date
An absolutely amazing game...

An absolutely amazing game but it needs an update. I want to breed my dogs and go to at least the pro league. I have played the
amateur league at least a thousand times, it needs a new update I'm getting bored. Other than that I totally love it it's great
fun I want to continue playing it but I'm to

By CJC123456789 on 2015-10-06
Had when I was 8

U loved this game when I was younger I'm 12 now but this game was my favorite I can't believe it's still in the market

By Seal holes on 2015-10-05
Best game ever!!!!!!

This game is awesome it is the best game I have ever played.i love taking care of my puppy!i love how they made it look so
realistic.think they should make more like this!please make more!!

By Lori Collier Kelly on 2015-10-03
Good things and bad things

Good things-I love that it feels like you have a real do,but sometimes I feel like it's watching me😁

By Boo 😊 on 2015-09-20

This game is soooo good.It reminds me of my pet,that died.😢Anyways,this game is so much more better than daily kitten cause the
buttons work!But one problem....actually more....first of all why does the cat want personal information like...who does that??And
also dogs don't cost that much,as well

By Zingy1O1 on 2015-09-15
Great Game♥️ One change tho

I really love this but I do think we should be able to be able to have the same name as others because my name is Mary and I
couldn't do that so I had to change it 4 times until I found something that worked

By PrincessMary🐶 on 2015-09-07

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