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Robinson's Island Questions

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Robinsons Island
  • Developer: Pixonic LLC
  • Version: 1.142
  • Release Date: Feb 05, 2012

Game Questions

Do you have a question about this game? Ask your Robinson's Island questions for iPhone or iPad and get answers from real gamers. You can also use this page as your help desk by viewing other's answers to similar problems. If you think you are an Robinson's Island expert, then please help others with their questions.

How to get to fort island on robinson?
by: guest12918 | Nov 16, 2014
Component for radio?
by: Becky Brite | May 12, 2013
How do i sell animals.?
by: Kurt R Leistikow | Apr 16, 2013
How to get 'the pieces of k.o.'s note'??
by: Bruce Kim | Apr 14, 2013
Components radiocabin?
by: Norah De Jong | Apr 07, 2013
Wasserbombe entsch├Ądigen??????
by: Manuela Meitz | Jan 06, 2013
Who is dr ross and how do i speak to her??
by: Gal Doof | Dec 27, 2012
Tribe members or friends???
by: Courtney Kesler | Dec 15, 2012
by: Victoria Fellows-Figueroa | Oct 29, 2012
Sending gifts?
by: Jacqueline Jansen | Oct 17, 2012
Radio cabin?
by: Linda Lewandowski | Oct 16, 2012
How can i get it for my pc?
by: Paritshaya Wunnasing | Oct 16, 2012
by: Kristina Heath | Sep 24, 2012
Failed goals?
by: Donna Hawsey Gibson | Sep 01, 2012
What brings the elders??
by: Sherri Richardson | Aug 28, 2012
Tribe members?
by: Brooke Henderson | Jul 25, 2012
by: Melissa Lineberry | Jun 11, 2012

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