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Genres: [Entertainment | Social Networking]
Developer: Paramount Pictures
Release Date: Sep 27, 2010
Version: 1.0
Size: 4.44 MB
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This iOS application is compatible with all Devices.
Paramount Digital Entertainment has already given us Top Gun 2 on Dec 01, now delivering another great Entertainment application and iphone app on the store. The review includes the developer's description, customer ratings, user reviews and screenshots for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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Get Tony Stark’s personal computer assistant, J.A.R.V.I.S., now on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad! Features helpful tools for everyday living including your own personalized social media feed, plus get updates on Iron Man 2, available September 28 on Blu-ray and DVD.
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How to download the App

Download JARVIS app for free for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and iPad mini.
Download JARVIS on PC or Mac:
1. Go to the JARVIS application page in your iTunes.
2. Click the button to download the App.
3. Sync your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or iPad mini with iTunes to install the JARVIS app.
Download the App With iOS App Store:
1. Open the App Store on your iDevice.
2. Search for JARVIS.
3. Click the button to download and install it on your device.
4. Enjoy.


You can securely create an apple profile with your information, but you have to be registered to iTunes in order to get the JARVIS app to your device.
If you don’t have an active account, please register to iTunes store with a credit card number. In case you are not interested to open an account with your credit card, you can select the option ‘None’ during the secured registration.
*This JARVIS application may be available in some countries.

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User Ratings

Apr 30, 2013
(5★) I love it
I love This app, beacouse I can hear voices comands And can conect with facebook, Twitter , he shows Many informations for me.
(4★) 2013 update
If you updated and added features for 2013, that would be genius. Everyone would use it if it was current!
Apr 22, 2013
(3★) Cool but so much more potential
Take this to the next level, make it do what siri can do. Get rid of the ads and white space at the top and make it more
technological and up to date. Make it more like Jarvis
Apr 20, 2013
(4★) Iphone5
5 stars if it had iPhone 5 support
Mar 29, 2013
(5★) i love it but.
It crashes on my ipad 2 pleezfix it
Feb 28, 2013
(4★) Love it
I love this app. I had it on my iPod back when iron man 2 came out, and I just put it on my iPhone today. Wish paramount would
update it with info for iron man 3, and maybe some voice commands. I woul
Feb 12, 2013
(3★) Ipad for iron man 3
Please make this compatible with my ipad
Feb 05, 2013
(4★) Better interactivity
Would love for update. One with voice command stuff and stuff on up coming movie . But definitely more interactive stuff and voice
control. Music interface even idk love the app just needs more in it
Feb 04, 2013
(4★) Love this app
If only there was an update where your more interactive with Jarvis like Siri
Jan 09, 2013
(5★) Update really really.
An update is seriously needed for At least the new Iron Man and a way to interact better with Jarvis just for instance like being
able to talk to him with key words for controls. Other needing serious
Dec 29, 2012
(4★) Nifty!
Awesome little app! It needs some adjustments. It would be better if it could show pictures and have an instagram feed along with
twitter and FB. I found this just by trying to find something ironman
Dec 28, 2012
(4★) Love it! Improve please
(: there is so much potential with this app i would love to see it do voice commands (like Siri) to play your music etc also the
social feed is funky that has some bugs as well
(4★) Great
Sweet but needs to fix white line and make more like siri
Oct 29, 2012
(4★) I enjoy this app!
But like everyone else says, if they make a few customizable features like an alarm and make it more like siri, that would make it
SO much better!
Oct 20, 2012
(4★) Cool App
This a cool little app and must for Iron Man Fans! However there are some improvement that new to be made.1. Part of the graphic
is missing at the top of the screen it I just a white band2. When some
Oct 08, 2012
(4★) Weather
You should be able to change where the weather Is being forecasted for
(4★) Could be better
This app is good but it could be better. Make this into something like Siri. That would be LENGENDARY!
Oct 03, 2012
(4★) Good app
Good app i wish you would add voice contol as well as google to it and a 3D ironman suit to play around with customize and be able
to use the weps
Oct 02, 2012
(5★) Update please?!
Have had this app since it came out. Wish there would be a new update that would match the iron man out today.
(4★) Update & add
Please add voice control for Jarvis! Also make it have an alarm clock so that Jarvis can wake you up Love the app, please add
custom features! TONY
Aug 15, 2012
(3★) Needs voice control
It needs voice control! I want to here Jarvis talk. That would make it a lot better!
Jul 26, 2012
(3★) Update!
I love the app but it very much needs to be updated. I would like to hear Jarvis ask what you want him to do and respond to my
voice. Please update soon.
Jul 02, 2012
(5★) Love it!
I love this app! Would love to hear a voice say the option I press ! Would also like to see pictures in my Facebook feed:)
Jul 01, 2012
(4★) Jarvis
This is an awesome app! I feel like iron man. It could use voice command but other than that i love it
Jun 26, 2012
(5★) update
its good over all but it could use voise command and you could view the suits like a hologram and mess around with them like on
the first movie when he made the mark 2 suit HOPE YOU CONSIDER MY IDEAS!
May 27, 2012
It should be like Siri with all the voice commands.
May 10, 2012
(5★) Voice Control
I love the app, but it would be great if the notes could be written with voice control!
(4★) Nice app
I think they could have done more with it like, being able to play music, look at your photos, make calls, gps, and Jarvis voice
command. These are just ideas I think this app can have
May 05, 2012
(5★) Awesome
Awesome app just needs an update.like playing music.accessing pics.web.instagram.other then that awesome
Mar 01, 2012
(3★) Needs to be on iPad too
It needs to be on the iPad tooAlso on the lock screen to if posabal
Jan 23, 2012
(3★) J.A.R.V.I.S.
Nice concept app that can make social networking more fun but in terms of meeting its potential the
Jan 13, 2012
(3★) Great, But needs improvement
Should be compatible to the retina display, and more features required. Voices of Jarvis would be co
Aug 23, 2011
(4★) Please please add more to it
Great app to go with a great movie but please up date and fix the bugs :-/
Jul 31, 2011
(5★) Firetrucking awesome
You have got to download it it's amazing!!!!!
Jul 27, 2011
(4★) Cool !
It's awesome but idk why it keeps crashing after I open it for some reason
Jul 25, 2011
(5★) Jarvis is cool
This app is great! I would like for it to have voices from Jarvis. And like It to have voice contr
Jun 22, 2011
(4★) Almost love it
I do like this but everytime i open it it automaticly says malibu witch wood b great i i lived in ma
May 28, 2011
(5★) Awesome!!!down load now
Great it is a must have app
May 24, 2011
(5★) Wow!
Very impressive!! Sound and visual effects blew me away, I wish the itouch's layout typically came l
Apr 20, 2011
(4★) Amazing!!
But update it to access EVERYTHING on the iPhone, that way it's more like JARVIS!!
Mar 27, 2011
(4★) Good . But.
Very good app. Needs uk weather and iron man 3 info
Feb 22, 2011
(5★) As tough as iron
Every hero or heroine has to have some type of system to back them up...this program will not only h
Feb 19, 2011
this app is amazing i just wish it had landscape mode though please make it happen :)
Feb 08, 2011
(5★) Sweet app
Jarvis needs more interface like being able to do more things but besides that a great app love it
Jan 03, 2011
(5★) Tony
Can you put a update that Jarvis can say stuff
Dec 31, 2010
(5★) AWSOME!!!!!!!!
I love this app. It's a really good app but i wish they would add more. Cause if they did and it cos
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