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Minimon Online

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$ 0.99
Genres: [Adventure | Role Playing | Entertainment]
Developer: Sergio Flores
Release Date: Jul 27, 2012
Version: 1.23
Size: 45.91 MB
$ 0.99

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This iOS application is compatible with iPhone 3GS/4, iPad 1/2, iPod Touch 3rd/4th.
Sergio Flores has already given us Sushi Quest - 3D Adventure on Nov 30, now delivering another great Adventure & Role Playing game and iphone app on the store. The review includes the developer's description, customer ratings, user reviews and screenshots for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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Enter the world of Minimon!
• Capture and raise your own monster team!
• Meet other players in a online world!
• Challenge all arena leaders and collect badges!
• Pitch your team against other players!
• Find secret areas with rare monsters!
• And much more!

Visit the game forum here:

NOTE - If your game crashes at startup, please logout of other apps, to get enough free memory for the game
Get now this application with your unique ID and secured password.

This application support GameCenter feature for achievements and leaderboards.
Universal iOS application for both iPad and iPhone.

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How to download the Game

Download Minimon Online app for for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and iPad mini.
Download Minimon Online on PC or Mac:
1. Go to the Minimon Online application page in your iTunes.
2. Click the button to download the Game.
3. Sync your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or iPad mini with iTunes to install the Minimon Online app.
Download the Game With iOS App Store:
1. Open the App Store on your iDevice.
2. Search for Minimon Online.
3. Click the button to download and install it on your device.
4. Enjoy.


You can securely create an apple profile with your information, but you have to be registered to iTunes in order to get the Minimon Online app to your device.
If you don’t have an active account, please register to iTunes store with a credit card number. In case you are not interested to open an account with your credit card, you can select the option ‘None’ during the secured registration.
*This Minimon Online application may be available in some countries.

Video Play Review

How to play

here you will find every thing you need to help you pass and complete all levels, includes guides / walkthrough, hints, tips & cheats, you will find here the best solutions and answers for all levels in this Adventure.

User Ratings

Feb 10, 2014
(5★) Needs work
This game can most certainly become on the the greatest apps on the iPhone, however, first of all the movement speed should be
buffed. The game currently crashes when beginning a battle with another r
Dec 18, 2013
(5★) Great Game Must Buy
This game is a must buy but the other game made by them is amazing too minimon3d it is worth it to get both! Also join the forums
Oct 30, 2013
(2★) I want minimon 3d
When is minimon 3d come out on ios the creator said on tuesday and every hour i checked it was not there im really siked for the
game plzz put it on ios fans are waiting
Oct 13, 2013
Sushi works real hard on this game. IDK how bad u people with bad reviews think this game is, just know he works very hard at it.
This game is amazing. It has an awsome gameplay (just like pokemon) an
Sep 28, 2013
(4★) Worth it!
This Pokémon-like game is buggy and has crash issues, but is a lot of fun to play. Definitely worth your time. Kids will love it.
I only wish something would be done so that it autosaves, especially
Jul 08, 2013
(5★) Worth it
0.99 the money is so worth it is epic and fun
Jun 30, 2013
(5★) Thank you!
Thanks for the amazing new update! Easily now FIVE STARS!
Jun 22, 2013
Jun 16, 2013
(5★) The new update is spot on
Had to reboot the app but the system developer worked with me to keep me playing - also the latest patch has added a new area and
more minimons- with constant updates like this the game will grow huge
Jun 13, 2013
(2★) Change
I changed it to 2 stars because i think you people should take off the trade button from the menu. Just put a house of trade house
in each town where you can put down a monster you want and list it fo
May 25, 2013
(4★) Game
May 08, 2013
(5★) Work to be done but progress is visible
Had to reboot the app but the system developer worked with me to keep me playing - also the latest patch has added a new area and
more minimons- with constant updates like this the game will grow huge
Apr 20, 2013
(5★) Love it!
I love this game :D but is there a way to start over?
Apr 03, 2013
(3★) Make an option to automatically deny trades
Im tired of being spammed tirelessly by people for duels and trades please fix this.
Mar 30, 2013
I was looking for a game at least similar to Pokemon. When I tried this game I was skeptical about spending 99 cents on it. BUT
WOW WAS I WRONG. I play this with all my friends it is even better than
Mar 07, 2013
(4★) Just what it says
This game has potential. A run feature (or hell a bike/rollerblades/skateboard even) is a must. Some definite markings for
shops/inns on mini map as well. And how about increased health stats? Seem ve
Feb 19, 2013
(4★) Make another game
This ones good you should make another with a new story
Feb 11, 2013
(5★) Awesome
This games is awesome, but needs some stuff. It needs fly and faster walking. More updates and to fix the crash when the pirate
with minimon lvl xx owns u and takes crystal portion.
Jan 31, 2013
(5★) Great game
Great game just please fix the online feature it wont let me back on
Jan 29, 2013
(3★) Game goin down
Please fix the crash on cresent island when trying to train/search for monsters and the dreelix eggs will not hatch. Also release
bug is not fixed. Im still crashing
Jan 22, 2013
(5★) Question
How do I get through the second cave? (the one on the way to the third arena)
Jan 15, 2013
(4★) Good game
Please fix the crash on cresent island when trying to train/search for monsters and the dreelix eggs will not hatch
Jan 05, 2013
(3★) I love this
I love the game but I have two issues my wifi is great and every other game works when I try to get online the meter is red when I
tap it it shakes and stays red. Also when I try to let 2 of my monste
Dec 18, 2012
(3★) Moving boulders
Does any know where to get strength to move the big boulders
Dec 11, 2012
(5★) How to hatch the egg
How do I hatch the egg some one help me :)
Dec 09, 2012
(5★) Good Maintenance
The dev has done his part on putting out regular updates so it is coming along very nicely. Hope you keep this up this app is
worth every cent :)
Dec 05, 2012
(5★) Fix the crash
Awesome game but all of a sudden when i try to go into the game the app keeps crashing, please fix
Dec 03, 2012
(5★) Great
Might want to add some running shoes or bicycles to move faster, more monsters, more items and areas. Furthermore, one of my
favorite apps in the App Store. Looking forward for more updates!
Dec 01, 2012
(4★) Good but.
Great game but having problems with lvl 15 minimon not obeying me
Nov 21, 2012
(3★) Good game but.
So. The game is noce, game play very good bit have some bug.Like in mountains app crashingWhen u start u dont have monster, you
have a egg. You can not chamge your name or your outfitAnd te major prob
Nov 08, 2012
(5★) still buged
i just updated, but my minimon still dont listen, im tired of waiting, please fix, this is the best app i have and i cant even use
Oct 22, 2012
(4★) Crash
Was working fine, but went weird and says terra game engine, loads to the end, then crashes. I have 4s with iOS 6.0 btw.
Oct 07, 2012
(5★) Exactly like Pokemon!
Its an excellent start but its also very new, give it time. The developer uses the toucharcade.com forums. Go there if you wish to
communicate with him!
Oct 03, 2012
(5★) What the Hell
I am stuck in the crater cave this is bull
Sep 01, 2012
(3★) This game has so much potential
This game has talent, but the hundreds of glitches and shortcomings make it hard to see its real potential.The animations, gui,
and gameplay in general are clunky and unpolished. The artwork, while ni
Aug 14, 2012
It should have a run option which would make it even better!
Total 36 reviews with 84.4% ratings for this app.

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