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Genres: [Lifestyle | Food & Drink]
Developer: Brit Media, Inc.
Release Date: Mar 29, 2012
Version: 1.8.4
Size: 49.89 MB
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Snapguide is a beautiful, easy way to create and share how-to guides. Discover new recipes, DIY projects, fashion ideas, make-up tricks, tech tips and lifehacks. Create your own guides and share what you love doing.
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How to download the App

Download Snapguide app for free for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and iPad mini.
Download Snapguide on PC or Mac:
1. Go to the Snapguide application page in your iTunes.
2. Click the button to download the App.
3. Sync your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or iPad mini with iTunes to install the Snapguide app.
Download the App With iOS App Store:
1. Open the App Store on your iDevice.
2. Search for Snapguide.
3. Click the button to download and install it on your device.
4. Enjoy.


You can securely create an apple profile with your information, but you have to be registered to iTunes in order to get the Snapguide app to your device.
If you don’t have an active account, please register to iTunes store with a credit card number. In case you are not interested to open an account with your credit card, you can select the option ‘None’ during the secured registration.
*This Snapguide application may be available in some countries.

User Ratings

Jul 19
(4★) When.
When are you guys going to update this app?
Jun 27
(5★) Recommend this app!
I personally love this app, it's really coolio cause you get to "teach" people how to make your creations and share really nice
things. It's kinda like Instagram, except you don't have to be 13 or 14
Jun 01
(5★) More like Awesome Guide
A fun, unique way to share and browse DIY activities. The app is also created beautifully with the latest iOS design language.
Snap Guide is easy to use and works flawlessly.
Apr 07
(3★) Closes too much
When I try to read my messages the app closes. Been doing that for 3 days now. I have even uninstalled the app and downloaded it
through the Apple Store, but it still closes out. It needs an update.
Feb 15
(5★) Works for me!
I haven't seen any problems with the app other than occasionally finding it hard to read the light print. Other than that, it's
very convenient not to have to look up the tutorial! It's all right ther
Jan 17
(3★) Not very good
I like the idea of using this app on my iPad but the truth is that it's too frustrating. Many of the steps have text that's cut
off at the bottom. There's no way to read the text. I've tried switching
Dec 27, 2014
(4★) Works well
I like the design and overall layout of the app. It's easily the best way to find and view an abundance of tutorials. Pinterest is
still my favorite, but Snapguide is extremely similar and I love that
Dec 23, 2014
(2★) I hate the new update for iPad!
So seriously, I hate the new update for my iPad! I cannot see how many views are on my guides. I don't even like the setup of the
new version of this app!I try and search things and it won't come up e
Dec 12, 2014
(3★) 1.8.4 for iPad (no!)
The new design of Snapguide for iPad is not pleasing. The icons for the guides are low quality, it is slower, and when someone
likes your guide, it doesn't list the name of the guide. It just says tha
Dec 11, 2014
(3★) Won't let me sign in with FB.
Just because I already have an account. What's the point then?
Nov 25, 2014
(3★) Love it but crashes all the time
I absolutely love this app. But I'm really annoyed because lately it crashes all of the time. If I want to make a guide I can't
take pictures using the snap guide app I have to take a regular picture
Nov 04, 2014
(5★) The best app
Absolutely the best app. Been using for a long time. Love it
Oct 11, 2014
(4★) No Push Notifications
It works great as always but I can't get the push notifications to come up like they used to.
Sep 29, 2014
(5★) Day one user over here!
I've been using Snapguide since day one, and since then it has never left my homescreen. A great app for finding new recipes and
DIY guides with a great helpful community. The app is constantly update
Sep 16, 2014
(5★) Loving it!
I am a very visual person so I love this app for recipes and crafts b/c I have pictures to follow. I also love making guides when
my girls and I cook and create together!
Sep 13, 2014
(5★) Awesome idea!
The concept behind the app is what I like the most. Now you don't have to browse through hundred of pins or all your bookmarks to
find a new DIY because Snapguide does it for you. The interface is pre
Sep 07, 2014
(4★) Good app but.
Good app but keeps crashing whenever I press the notification() button at the bottom of the screen. Plz help.
Aug 30, 2014
(5★) Awesome
I love using this app to find out how to make really cool type of food and other stuff
Aug 28, 2014
(5★) Great great great! Redesign of the app
Now the UI looks more like iOS 7 design guidelines, thanks for keeping the app always great. Thanks guys you rock!.
Jul 25, 2014
(5★) Wow.
Words cannot express how much I love this app. It has a guide for nearly everything and anything, from how to make a frozen
lemonade to how to save battery life on my phone. I completely recommend thi
Jun 10, 2014
(5★) Great guides
Very nice resource for all sorts of topics, and an excellent example of quality mobile interfaces.
May 31, 2014
(4★) It would be 5 stars
But you should be able to do gifs on steps instead of the stupid video that takes a while to launch. And an auto timer for photo
May 30, 2014
(4★) Hidden Gem!
This is a great service and a great app that not many people know about. They way it is built really helps you to follow guides.
Its very interesting and I hope it gains a user base and not shut down
May 28, 2014
(3★) Mediocre
A few interesting & clever crafts/life hacks, but otherwise not very appealing or creative. I think I may use only 1 of the
homemade cleanser "recipes" out of all crafts listed.
May 23, 2014
(5★) This app is as good as it sounds
I have had this App for some time but just got into it today . I love this I will be using this a lot . Thanks
May 19, 2014
(5★) Great app!
This app is great if you want to do a craft project, or learn how to do something. It is a lot of fun and I could spend hours
looking at it.
May 13, 2014
(5★) Good app
animation cool and features very good
(5★) Love it for the inspiration!
Awesome update! Love the new personlization!
May 04, 2014
(5★) Fantastic app
This app is fantastic! I have learned all kinds of new things like making different kinds of rubber band bracelets to origami!
This app can tell you anything! You should try this app!
Apr 08, 2014
(2★) Less than enthused
I just installed this app on my iPad today and did a quick comparison between using the app and using the web version. I feel
that the web version is far superior. On my iPad the text instructions i
Feb 24, 2014
(5★) Love it!
Honestly the best app of its type. The support team is awesome and always quick to respond and the frequent updates make for
smooth usage.All in all its easy to use, really fun, great community! Love
Jan 29, 2014
(5★) Useful and inspiring
An amazing app that allows you to share your knowledge in anything you make, create, cook or to get inspired by other creators.
Jan 27, 2014
(5★) nice concept!
there are so many social apps out there and this one worth the time, needed to give a five star rating.
Jan 25, 2014
(4★) اللغة العربية
يجب التفكير في دعم تطبيق snapguide للغة العربية.
Jan 14, 2014
(5★) I love it!
This is a great way to find tutorials on lots of different things:)
Jan 13, 2014
(5★) Addicting
I love this app so much follow me on snapguide Princess Kayleigh
Jan 11, 2014
(4★) Great
Great informative app on anything!
Dec 24, 2013
(5★) Good Job on the App
This App is pretty awesome. I get tons of recipes from here and it is even updated daily so I get to see new things on a regular
Dec 23, 2013
(5★) Amazing!
A really good & amazing app! Try it!
Nov 26, 2013
(5★) I just love it!
No other words come to me except that I just love this app! You owe it to yourself to give this a fair try and see what I mean.
Nov 24, 2013
(5★) A must have
I found this so much easier than pinterest. And you can easily create guides, edit them, and share them with fb, pinterest, and
twitter. So user friendly, and you can even see how many people have vie
Nov 20, 2013
(4★) Always the same featured users?
Okay so I love Snapguide and I have used it often. But I find myself almost bored going through the features because there is
usually guides from the same users always featured! I wish that they featu
Nov 16, 2013
(5★) Favorite app!
This is my favorite app! Beautiful design!
Nov 12, 2013
(3★) Awesome but.
This app is useful but the thing is that my iPod is cracked and I might cut myself while using this app. So I hope you guys make
it available to the playstore!
Nov 09, 2013
(3★) Fun, but memory usage issues
I like this app a lot, but after using it a while on my iPad, it will use up over 1GB of space! Maybe I am doing something wrong,
but if so, it should be made easier to avoid this.
(3★) Good looking but has some issues
First, great looking app with interesting content. However, I have yet to find a way to "save" a guide for later reference such a
favorite list or something similar.Also, the email page on the share m
Nov 06, 2013
(5★) Love!
This has been my go to app for recipes the past 6 months!
Oct 23, 2013
(5★) Little magazine !
This is like my DIY magazine without all the crazy other ads that get in the way. I check it more then I do my email. Love it.
Keep up the good work guys.
Oct 12, 2013
(5★) Making tutorials Fun&Easy
This app is perfect for those who love DIY. Teach & Learn everyday!
Oct 07, 2013
(4★) AirDrop support
It would be perfect if AirDrop was supported.
Oct 01, 2013
(5★) Simply stellar!
Beautiful and functional. Guides keep getting better as does the app!
Sep 29, 2013
(5★) I love this app!
So super useful and endless with the amount of clever DIY tricks you can find.
Sep 25, 2013
(5★) Visual learners
oh my goodness i love this app! i love Pinterest also, but I am a visual learner and loooove how this breaks up steps into a
picture! So excited to make cool things for my place and try some of the re
Sep 22, 2013
(5★) Fun and simple
Love this app. Best idea ever for writing guides. We have shared this app among our family and have already found useful guides
to use.
Sep 14, 2013
(5★) Loving it
Best guide ever, now i can cook for my wife
Sep 04, 2013
(5★) Fun and very useful
Very easy to use. Great source of information. Lots of fun!
Aug 25, 2013
(5★) So useful!
I just downloaded this app to my iPad yesterday and have actually already implemented a few of the ideas I saw. Love the step by
step picture guides, awesome idea!
Aug 16, 2013
(5★) Practical and Useful
I love this app for teaching me different uses for everyday things!
Aug 15, 2013
(5★) Very useful app!
I love this app! It has wonderful & creative ideas. I would recommend this app to any DIY folks.
(5★) Niteowl
Love this app. I ho to it all the time, I prefer it over pinterest. Worth downloading this app
Aug 09, 2013
(5★) Perfect for the crafter
As a big time crafter this is the perfect app for on the go! I love how easy it is to use. I also love the fact that you can
search for crafts and recipes!
Aug 07, 2013
(5★) Snapguide
Really neat, like going to a craft class without leaving home.
Aug 06, 2013
(5★) Best app ever
I love this app so much! It brings together people all across the world to share their expertise on the things the love and use.
Jul 24, 2013
(5★) Social app and great
Its ehow to make stuff and cooking and writing and . etc You can post comments for the posts of people .
Jul 22, 2013
(5★) Wonderful
This app has just started up so it needs more people to add there input and information to it but its the most wonderful app ever.
Jul 21, 2013
(5★) Love Snapguide
I love the app. Not sure if I like the update because it seems to freeze up and exit on its own since the update. But I love the
app because I can get so much information and ideas from some great peo
Jul 20, 2013
(5★) Easy to use
This app is so simple to use & intuitive. I enjoy looking for interesting things to do.
Jul 14, 2013
(5★) Cool app for how-tos!
Published 2 guides so far and it was super easy to write and to share. Plus lots of cool guides to learn from posted by other
Jun 29, 2013
(2★) Crashes continuously
This would be a great app, if not for the frequent crashes that occur when loading a new how to presentation. I have high speed
cable, and still the app takes forever to load a topic, then it crashes
Jun 26, 2013
(5★) amazing
I love it! it is simple to use, & has amazing ideas! LOVE!
Jun 25, 2013
(5★) Superb app
I am finding a bunch of neat ideas on here.Update 04/25/13: still amazing.
Jun 21, 2013
(5★) Life saver app
This app helps manage all my cooking recipe and DIY project! Just addicted and I have to use it everyday!
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