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$ 2.99
Genres: [Simulation | Strategy]
Developer: Sarah Northway
Release Date: Nov 17, 2011
Version: 3.14
Size: 57.71 MB
$ 2.99

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"I don't wave around non-words like 'unputdownable' often, but Rebuild deserves it." - Touch Arcade (4.5/5)

"Rebuild is a solid, fun, unique and just plain awesome game." - JayIsGames (4.6/5 Best strategy or simulation game of 2011)


Gather survivors of the zombie apocalypse and defend your fort against undead attacks. Reclaim one building at a time and put your survivors to work scavenging for food, building houses, rediscovering technology and of course killing zombies.

Beware of rival gangs, illness, thieves and even riots as you rebuild a city in this post apocalyptic turn based strategy game.


- Unique turn-based strategy gameplay
- Randomly generated cities
- Customizable characters
- 5 levels of difficulty
- 7 endings to discover
- Game Center highscores and achievements
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This application support GameCenter feature for achievements and leaderboards.
Universal iOS application for both iPad and iPhone.

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How to download the Game

Download Rebuild app for for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and iPad mini.
Download Rebuild on PC or Mac:
1. Go to the Rebuild application page in your iTunes.
2. Click the button to download the Game.
3. Sync your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or iPad mini with iTunes to install the Rebuild app.
Download the Game With iOS App Store:
1. Open the App Store on your iDevice.
2. Search for Rebuild.
3. Click the button to download and install it on your device.
4. Enjoy.


You can securely create an apple profile with your information, but you have to be registered to iTunes in order to get the Rebuild app to your device.
If you don’t have an active account, please register to iTunes store with a credit card number. In case you are not interested to open an account with your credit card, you can select the option ‘None’ during the secured registration.
*This Rebuild application may be available in some countries.

How to play

here you will find every thing you need to help you pass and complete all levels, includes guides / walkthrough, hints, tips & cheats, you will find here the best solutions and answers for all levels in this Simulation.

User Ratings

Jun 21
(5★) Love the game
The game is a amazing game the only thing I don't like is that rebuild 3 could be a while before it hits the market.
Jun 10
(5★) Great game. Hope for a sequel
This game is amazing and i hope new things come from sara
May 29
(4★) A great game but.
This game is great in my opinion but there are some problems in the game that make the not challenging once you get them.I have
played this game on a computer before and those problems are in that Ver
May 13
Look I know your making games on PC But come back on IOS and UPDATE This game PLZ!
Apr 19
(5★) LOVE IT but
I love the game because you have a group and its hard to find food and other things I think the game could have more stuff happen
when I play I wait for something to happen and Something to give the S
Apr 07
(2★) Not enough new content
The game is ok in the beginning and quite addictive. The problem, not enough new content, innovation is lack luster. The last
time this game had an update was 2013.
(5★) Unique experience
This game is a lot of fun and I was sad to see it end (well, I ended it since I did not want to build another city). It was a
unique experience and very unlike any game I have ever played. I would ha
Mar 13
(5★) Love Sarah
I've had this game for a long long time now and I always come back and play it and find new small little fun features. I love
Sarah Northway's (the developer) games and I hope she sees this. I absolut
Mar 11
(4★) Great game, but the winter, well.
I actually played this game on armer-games a long time ago. It's as fun as I remember it, and it seems to me that the creator(s)
of the game made it a bit more difficult that it's older counterpart. T
Feb 01
(5★) What a relief from all the freemium crap
Interesting survival strategy and exploration. I'm hooked after one game.
Dec 30, 2014
(5★) One of my favorite games
It's really amazing game when you need to kill time, it's takes a couple hours or so to beat it but it's totally worth the money
Nov 10, 2014
(4★) Just like the original, but the original is free
What I like is that since this was by a flash developer, is that she doesn't go out of her way to screw you over through as
greedily as possible, so don't expect this to be a "zombie farm" sort of thi
Nov 08, 2014
(5★) It's super fun
I love it but I just realized it's free on the computer
Oct 16, 2014
(5★) Buy 3
Buy rebuild 3 gangs of deadville on steam, your welcome
Oct 07, 2014
(5★) Amazing zombie strategy game!
Best survival zombie game on the iPhone. Gotta try it out. Need a new one to come out already!
Sep 06, 2014
(5★) 2nd?
Good but where's the second one? I know it's in development
Jul 11, 2014
(4★) Great, but room for expansion
One of favorite game but it feels like it needs a little more
Jul 05, 2014
(5★) Zombie gamer
I love it but needs a lot more content if you can't fix a few bugs for me and btw it crashes some times
Jun 24, 2014
(3★) Good but lacking depth
Was hoping for more depth, very limited And gets old quickly. Would love an add on
Jun 11, 2014
So yeah this game is awesome i want you guys to come out with another newer version.i will deffinitely buy it ASAP!:)
Apr 01, 2014
(5★) Best zombie game
If you like zombie game this is your game it is worth the cash
Mar 04, 2014
(5★) Best zombie survival game out!
Hands down best survival turn based zombie survival game / conquer city! Music is perfect as well as gameplay, easy to learn after
a few plays. Well worth the price!
Mar 01, 2014
(4★) Keeps lagging
I like this game a LOT but it keeps lagging can you guys fix that?
Feb 04, 2014
(5★) The zombie civilization game!
I like the game for its structure and balanced carnage!
Jan 16, 2014
(5★) lol
i hope u guys all know this is what they what u to review they wont do a thing about anything
Jan 04, 2014
(2★) Horrible bug.
There is a bug that keeps the game crashing on my iPod 4th Gen.if you have an iPod 4th gen then wait for the bugs to get worked
out before you spend your money.There is also a bug that causes EXTREME
Dec 28, 2013
(3★) Looks fun.
The font is way too small and difficult to read. If there were other options, it would be appreciated.
Nov 26, 2013
(5★) So awsome
Note to self and other: Do not support the crazy zombie church, because they start killing all your people!
Nov 14, 2013
(5★) Amazing game.
I remember playing this all the time on the computer, when i found ot that its an app i flipped out! I love this game, definitley
worth it if you like games similar to civ 5
Jul 21, 2013
(5★) Great game
I played this on the computer and is fun and this is fun 2 hope u make rebuild2
Jun 24, 2013
(4★) Two-playe mode
I love this game, but I think that they should make a multiplayer mode where you can help each other rebuild.
Jun 09, 2013
(5★) 7 endings?
It says they are seven endings I can only get five can anyone give me a list of all seven
Jun 03, 2013
(5★) Loved it, twice
Played this on the web when it first came out, loved every minute of it, now I have it on the go, woohoo!
May 07, 2013
(5★) Love it
Love the game, I would rate it six stars ifA: it was possibleandB: there are live stock that are like farms except produce food
all year long but to make them NOT overpowered you could have them produ
Apr 18, 2013
(4★) A bit rough, but a lot of fun
Rebuild is quite fun, and has lasted on my iPad where a great many other games have long since been removed. Definitely worth a
Mar 17, 2013
(4★) Great game?
Great game really enjoy it on iPod and computer but they need to add the suicide cult possibility again.
Mar 09, 2013
(5★) Sarah Northway is a genius
This game scratches the strategy/sim itch so well and with simplicity that she should be given a McArthur Genius Grant.
Feb 24, 2013
(4★) Fun
This feels like a board game. The different ways to are cool. I played through about 3 times on the first 2 difficulties. There
should be more content in some add on packs or something.
Feb 18, 2013
(4★) Great, but could be better
Great game, played on computer and on iPod, love the strategy of the game and the key choices to deciding the future of your group
you have to make throughout the game. One complaint though, I wish I
Feb 16, 2013
(5★) Good game
This game would be awesome if there where sky scrapers it would be so awesome and if u could have more than two of each items
Feb 04, 2013
(5★) Good solid game. Good replay value.
Th game is fun and well made, but the atmosphere is the real treat. Great game.
Jan 14, 2013
I have played it on the computer and I really like the application.
Jan 05, 2013
(5★) Amazing
Played this game for years on PC before this app, then when i found i out about it i was surprised to find MORE features,
positevily amazing, of all the differences from PC the greatest the new higher
Dec 28, 2012
(5★) Great
I have played this on the computer then played this. This app has more things to do and even has seasons! Completely worth
Oct 23, 2012
(5★) Super fun strategy game!
Simply put on title. Please do add more endings/dialogues because it gets repetitive (ESPECIALLY when trying for the full City
ending) oh, and the secret 7th ending is very difficult to get. But cool.
Oct 17, 2012
(5★) Deceptively fun, meaning time flies when you play
Short enough to keep you engrosed indepth enough to stay fun through a commuter flight.
(5★) Adictive Fun
The game is pretty simple and small in scope, but I still found myself staying up late to play just a little bit more. Dangerously
addicting. Would love to see a second version with longer gameplay an
Oct 10, 2012
(5★) Awesome!
Wow, for exactly .99 I have had hours of fun and enjoyment. Kind of like Sim City with zombies. Very well done and trust me, I
gets HARD on the higher difficulties. Please note, this is not zombie
Sep 26, 2012
(5★) So much fun!
This game is awesome, it takes a little time to get use to it but it is awesome.
Sep 14, 2012
(4★) Intersting Game
First few plays are very challenging but after that it becomes a system, even at the harder levels.
Sep 12, 2012
(4★) Awesome game lacking something still
Lots of fun non stop play but now getting repetitive. Needs more missions or more items to be found, more updates please
Aug 25, 2012
(3★) Not worth the money,ok game. should be .99c
Not worth the money,ok game. should be .99c
Aug 12, 2012
(5★) Fun for now
I can see me getting bored, but so far I like it.
Aug 06, 2012
(5★) Great game!
The writing is excellent, each quest has a report of its own, and being able to customize player names gives it a possibly
hilarious experience. I really found a lot of ways to complete the game in a
(5★) So addictive.
So addictive. Just need a way to view all survivors and equipment at once.
Jul 31, 2012
(4★) Not bad
It was nice and awesome:).but the church ending was not cool. Cause it keeps doing the Same ending .:( .but is was cool.
Jul 30, 2012
(4★) I dig it, and would like to see more
Title says it all. It can be repetitive, but a fun way to kill some time
(5★) Love!
Please make an Xbox version or at least a vs II!
Jul 29, 2012
(5★) Finished finally!
Game was awesome because I got the heli found a cure and killed the last judgement. And it took me 3 worlds
Jul 08, 2012
(5★) Love
Super game. Fun, addictive, equal parts luck and brains
Jul 07, 2012
(5★) Engrossing!
This is a brilliant zombie simulator. It keeps you wanting more and is extremely difficult is the higher levels. I wish there more
games like this.
Jun 13, 2012
(4★) Very,Very good
Reclaim is a lot of fun, it is a defend and grow your town game, along with killing Zombies and protecting and improving your own
survivors. A little more Dirversity in the building types would give i
Jun 10, 2012
(5★) Most original zombie game ive seen
Great combination of strategy and simulation. Love it
May 18, 2012
(4★) Worth it
Game does get repetitiveBut it is funConcentrate on leveling up the abilities of the characters you plan on taking with you to the
next city
(3★) Fun but gets old
The game was fun for the first two times of completing it but gets old kind of quick. Just kind of the same options every time and
once you beat it you find it hard not to make other choices that you
(5★) Good stuff
I keep playing it over and over and over.
(4★) Very good, hoping for some improvement updates
I have been really enjoying this game, but MAN do they ratchet up the difficulty on you! I hope an update is coming soon to expand
the options a bit. Worth the money I spent though!
May 17, 2012
(5★) About as good as it gets
Great game. Music sounded weird sometimes on the iPad, and there are some small things I wish for regarding understanding exactly
how the different statistics and icons work, but definitely a five sta
May 13, 2012
(5★) Awesome
Just killed 2 hours playing on easy. Awesome.
May 12, 2012
(5★) Rebuild
Very good however you should be able to stop the crazy doctors research and the madman who convinces everyone to kill themselves
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