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Keynote Remote

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Genres: [Productivity]
Developer: Apple Inc.
Release Date: Jan 06, 2009
Version: 1.3
Size: 2.54 MB
Price Changed on Oct 23, 2013
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This iOS application is compatible with iPhone 3GS/4, iPad 1/2, iPod Touch 3rd/4th.
Apple has already given us Remote on Nov 28, now delivering another great Productivity application and iphone app on the store. The review includes the developer's description, customer ratings, user reviews and screenshots for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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How to download the App

Download Keynote Remote app for free for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and iPad mini.
Download Keynote Remote on PC or Mac:
1. Go to the Keynote Remote application page in your iTunes.
2. Click the button to download the App.
3. Sync your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or iPad mini with iTunes to install the Keynote Remote app.
Download the App With iOS App Store:
1. Open the App Store on your iDevice.
2. Search for Keynote Remote.
3. Click the button to download and install it on your device.
4. Enjoy.


You can securely create an apple profile with your information, but you have to be registered to iTunes in order to get the Keynote Remote app to your device.
If you don’t have an active account, please register to iTunes store with a credit card number. In case you are not interested to open an account with your credit card, you can select the option ‘None’ during the secured registration.
*This Keynote Remote application may be available in some countries.

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User Ratings

Jan 24, 2014
(5★) Keynote Remote
Keynote Remote is now built into Keynote for iOS (2.1)
Jan 13, 2014
(3★) update & add iPad app!
I use this app weekly. It is a mainstay of my workflow and presentation platform. For all of that, I am thankful. However,
there is frustration:First, this app hasn’t been refreshed in some time!
Jan 05, 2014
It took me a while to figure out on my own how to link up. Here it is:On the Keynote App go to the wrench icon, then presentation
tools, then remote, then Link,Enter the code given to on the remote ap
Dec 27, 2013
(3★) Great, but needs a MAJOR UPDATE!
I love the app and it works great, but it needs a huge update! Please optimize this app for iPhone 5, 5C , and 5S, and iPod Touch
5! Also, redesign the look to match iOS 7 (app icon too) all this will
Dec 15, 2013
(3★) Please update
Great app. Sorely needs an update though.
Dec 14, 2013
(2★) Works
But would love iPhone 5 screen size and ios 7 update
Dec 10, 2013
(5★) Great App! Needs update for iOS 7 and iPhone 5!
This app has not been updated in a while, but my iPhone 5 pairs nice to my iPad mini and iMac via wifi or Bluetooth. The Bluetooth
function is nice as most of my keynotes are at scout events where the
Dec 06, 2013
(2★) Pls update this app!
This version of app was released two years ago, please update it and fit the iOS 7 UI!
Dec 03, 2013
(5★) Refresh design
Needs IOS 7 update to match other iWork apps. Good features and works as expected.
Dec 02, 2013
(5★) Need an update
Please update the app for iOS7 and iPhone 5, 5S. The vesions are too old. They work not good on iPhone5 and 5S. We need an update
version as soon as possible. Thank you.
Dec 01, 2013
(4★) Very Handy Remote
Works flawlessly with my Mac and iPad. Presenters notes being available is beyond convenient. All they need to do is utilize the
iPhone 5 screen!
Nov 30, 2013
(5★) This works perfectly on iOS 7
Just downloaded and linked my iPhone to play a keynote on my iPad. It worked perfectly and quickly. No lag. I have no problems or
Nov 28, 2013
(3★) Needs updated for ipad
This is a great app, but should have an ipad version to make it easier to read your notes when presenting.
Nov 23, 2013
(4★) iPad version needed
The app works well, but it is too hard to see the presenter notes on the iPod touch. Even if you use an iPad, the notes become
blurry in the expansion to make it fit the screen. It would be great to
(2★) Good, but needs update and iOS 7 makeover
Useful app, needs updating for iPhone 5 and later. iOS 7 makeover is needed as well.
Nov 21, 2013
(4★) Perfect App, needs an update
The app works seamlessly with keynote on Mac. However, it is really weird that the app which is developed by Apple has still runs
on a small screen size(which is the size of iphone 4 screen), and is n
Nov 09, 2013
(3★) App works fine… just need to be updated!
Everything about this app works fine, It just needs to be optimized for iPhone 5/iOS 7.
(3★) Great App, needs formatted notes.
I like to put bullets and boldface in my notes and it takes them away, but this app is great.
(3★) disappoint
no iPhone 5 full screen support, no iOS 7 update. Pretty disappointed
Nov 08, 2013
(4★) Create an ad hoc wifi network
This app works extremely well for controlling my MacBook Pro Retina. Of course, I wouldn’t have needed it except that my Apple
remote doesn’t work with the Retina or MacBook Air because they don
Nov 07, 2013
(3★) Update the app?
Or integrate it within keynote and bring everything to ios7!
Nov 05, 2013
(5★) Urge una actualización
¡Creo que es una app genial y muy útil a la hora de exponer algun tema pero debería tener una actualización para iOS 7 y ser
rediseñada para iPhone 5, porque todos aquellos q tengan un dispositiv
Nov 01, 2013
(2★) Needs to be updated!
Please update!This is a great idea, but it does not quite work right. There a lee a few bugs. Plus it has not been updated for the
larger screen of the iPhone 5 & 5S. Has a great deal of potential.
Oct 16, 2013
(4★) Need up date!
Needs to be up dated to iOS 7 for iPhone 5
Oct 14, 2013
(2★) Pantalla
Deberían mejorar la aplicación para que ocupe toda la pantalla en el iphone 5 y del ipod touch 5
(5★) Great App for presentations
I was worried about purchasing this app after all the negative reviews. However, I had no issues with it connecting my iPhone and
iPad to my MacBook Pro, using the Bluetooth connections. Great way t
Oct 02, 2013
(3★) Nice
Great but it needs an update for iOS 7 & 4" Retina Display.
(5★) Great! Complaints are outdated
Now this app has not been updated in a while, but my iPhone 5 pairs nice to my iPad mini and iMac via wifi or Bluetooth. The
Bluetooth function is nice as most of my keynotes are at scout events where
Sep 29, 2013
(3★) Falta soporte para iPhone 5
Excelente complemento para Keynote, conectividad sencilla. Podría estar mejor, falta soporte para iPhone 5.
Sep 13, 2013
(5★) Works!
It works for me! No issues yet. Very simple to use, yet effective.
Aug 02, 2013
(2★) Why ?
Why the app didnt work will with iphone 5 !
Jul 26, 2013
(4★) Please update this app!
I really enjoy using Keynote! This app just needs a little improvement like 4" and iPad support. Please allow presenter note to
show on landscape mode:)These feature are really important to me! Thank
Jul 19, 2013
(2★) Note format
Great little program with one exception for me. The notes loose all the formatting when viewed on the iPhone. If I have a bold
note, i would like to see that formatting on the phone
Jun 16, 2013
(3★) Needs more features
I used this app to control a keynote presentation on my macbook. It works well but I find that the presentation is not as
effective since I cannot jump to another slide that is not just before or just
Jun 10, 2013
(4★) Does what it should, but please add a timer!
This app does a flawless job of controlling your slideshow. But nothing else. It would be great I the blank area on the bottom of
the screen could be used for a timer instead of the way it is set up n
May 31, 2013
(4★) Next update
For the next update consider to add the red pointer option on the iPhone and the way to play the videos (.mov) without touch the
iPad, just touching the iPhone.
May 23, 2013
(3★) iPhone 5
Love the app, but it needs support for iPhone 5! Would expect an Apple made app to have an iPhone 5 update very quickly. Guess I
was wrong.
(3★) Update
We need an update to support the iPhone 5 works great but I would have expected a update from an apple made app. Fix this soon
(4★) Please support the iPhone 5!
Great app. It will be better if it supports the iPhone 5.
May 16, 2013
(4★) Nice app, needs more
Keynote Remote is a nice idea. It works with bluetooth or wifi and is stable 85% of the time. I teach and I use my iPad as my main
computer in class and this allows me to move away form the podium. I
Apr 14, 2013
(2★) Work on iPad
This app needs to work with the ability to control Keynote on one iPad from another Ipad. PLEASE make this happen! Would get more
stars if you make it so.
Apr 10, 2013
(3★) Good, but.
Needs iPhone 5 support. Otherwise works nicely.
Apr 09, 2013
(2★) iPhone 5 and iPad support!
How is it possible that Apple can release a new phone and not support it with their own apps. That is just crazy! I have the 4inch
screen can you please update the app so it utilizes it properly!
Apr 03, 2013
(3★) A good app that could be great
I find this app very functional and easy to use with the iPhone. But I teach and preach with this app on my iPad and would love
an update for the iPad so the screen works better and clearer.A good ap
Mar 11, 2013
(3★) Nice, but missing something.
Please add the ability to use your finger on the slide as a laser pointer (as it is possible when using directly the iPad).
Mar 06, 2013
(3★) Great for presentations but still missing iPhone 5
Still waiting for iPhone 5 update over half a year later. Should have been ready on day 1
Mar 05, 2013
(3★) Need to update please
Would be great if it used Bluetooth as well. Also if there was a way to incorporate a laser pointer into the app. Apple needs to
improve this, but the price is reasonable. Apple love!
Mar 03, 2013
(5★) Good.but needs Bluetooth
This app is very good for Keynote users who like to meander away from their Macs while they give their presentations. However,
Bluetooth linking would be great as wifi linking can be hit or miss at ti
Mar 02, 2013
(5★) 포인트통통
마켓에서 포인트통통앱스토어에서 포인트통통남아도는 무료통화를 돈으로 바꿔요가입할때
추천인 kakarioKakario kakario잊지말고kakario추천인 입력만 해도
Feb 26, 2013
(4★) What will they think of next
This is very useful to make a keynote presentation with a current Mac book pro. (No IR port on current laptops.
Total 50 reviews with 69.6% ratings for this app.

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