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Category: Utilities | Release Date: November 9, 2011

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Developer: Niv Gutherz

Genre: Utilities

Current Version: 5.3

File Size: 2.2 MB

Age Rating: 4+

Ratings: 3.00 (5 votes)


AutoSilent automatically mutes your iDevice (iPhone, iPad) during meetings, scheduled times or at selected locations.

Custom Schedule:
If you need to create schedule event that span over 2 days (e.g. from 10PM to 7AM next day) you’ll need to create 2 events, the first from 10PM to 12PM and the second from 12AM to 7AM.

Very Important:
1. Location Services MUST be enabled for AutoSilent even if you only use Calendar events.
2. Since iOS6 and above you must allow AutoSilent access to your calendars. Please open iPhone Settings->Privacy->Calendars and make sure that AutoSilent is checked ON.

2. AutoSilent shows you in the first tab the next silent event that it finds in your iPhone calendars. This tab is not intended to be used to add or modify events. To add new event just open your Calendar application and add/modify your event. AutoSilent will automatically synchronize with your calendars.

3. When you first open AutoSilent please make sure to allow AutoSilent to get your current location.

Autosilent synchronizes with your calendars and automatically silents your iDevice during meetings. AutSilent automatically re-sets your iDevice back to Regular/Ring mode at the end of the meeting.
AutoSilent is a location based application. It can detect your current location and mute your iDevice automatically when you are at School or at the University.
AutoSilent will set your iDevice back to Regular/Ring mode when you leave those places.

Don’t miss an important call because you forget to un mute your phone.
Don’t be embarrassed by alerts that go on while you are in a meeting. Let Autosilent do the job for you.

Calendar event is considered silent when:
1. Availability is busy
2. Not a whole day event
3. Event notes do not contain !ring
4. Event notes contain !silent

Calendar Tab – This tab shows you the next meeting that AutoSilent will automatically mute your iDevice

Locations Tab – Lists locations where AutoSilent automatically mutes your iDevice. You can click on any of the location rows and make modifications.

Settings Tab -
Calendar Silent: enables or disables mute for calendar events.

Location silent: enables or disables mute for Location events.

Ring/Silent Notification: Enables or disables notification alerts whenever iDevice changes its mode from mute to un mute and vice versa.

Next Silent Event: Specifies the number of days to look forward for the next Silent event in your calendar(s). (Defaults to 30 days)

Location Radius: Specifies the radius where AutoSilent checks for location events. (Defaults to 500 meters)

Calendar: Selects the calendar to check for calendar events. (Defaults to ALL calendars)

Silent Out Of Office: Silence the phone during "Out Of Office" events.

Keep Mute Status: When selected AutoSilent will not change your iDevice to ring mode if it was silent before event was started.

Only !silent events: When selected AutoSilent will only look for !silent events in your selected calendars.

To activate AutoSilent you need to click on the icon. AutoSilent will continue to run in the background after closing it.
To stop Autosilent from running in the background you need to delete it from the Multitasking Bar. To activate AutoSilent again just click on the icon again.
Please note that AutoSilent will NOT start automatically after reboot of the device, so you need to start it again manually.

Important: Save an event
After entering the event name please make sure to click on the Done button (At the lower right side of the keyboard).
Battery Disclaimer:
Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

What's new in version 5.3

Version 4.9 --------------- - Create location events using contact address - Bug fixes Version 4.8 --------------- - Fix Timer hangup - Can disable a calendar silent event from AutoSilent Calendar tab (Same as putting !ring inside event notes) - Can force a calendar event to be silent from AutoSilent Calendar tab. (Same as putting !sielnt in event notes) - New option in AutoSilent settings tab, "Show Calendar Events" allow you to control which events are displayed in the Calendar tab. By default ONLY silent events are displayed. If you want to see ALL calendar events, disable this option. When this option is disabled, ALL calendar events are displayed in the Calendar tab. You might need to close and open AutoSilent in order to let it refresh the calendar events. You can enable/disable calendar events to be silent/ring by clicking on the event. - Un-mute on consecutive calls has changed and now if this option is enabled, the phone will be un-muted when 2 consecutive calls are received within 3 minutes time frame. - Updated help page in app ***** On any question/problem please contact us at We will assist you ASAP ***** Version 4.7 --------------- - Support for iOS 8 - Support for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus - Change default timer to 1 hour - Support up to 63 calendars in 64 bit architecture Version 4.6 -------------- - Bug Fixes - Show Silent Message - Show popup message after opening AutoSilent when device is muted by calendar, location or schedule event. The message can be disabled in AutoSilent Settings. Version 4.5 -------------- - Fix occasions when settings are lost - Bug Fixes Version 4.0 -------------- - Fix problem related to reset of Settings - Added radius per location event - New settings (Keep Location Services) to allow disabling Significant Location Services when stopping AutoSilent. It is recommended to keep this setting enabled if the app is stopped by mistake. ***** AutoSilent is not starting automatically after reboot. You need to open AutoSilent after each reboot to allow it to run. ***** Version 3.8 -------------- - Improve battery usage when enabling "Use Push Notification" - Support up to 31 calendars - Sort calendars Alphabetically. Fix mismatch in calendar order. - Fix calendars alert message - Help page - Support timer with "Use Push Notification" - Email log file from Settings tab ***** New Features ***** * Use Push Notification - this feature is still in Beta. when enabled the device must have a constant internet connection. This feature reduce the battery usage, but it is less accurate (muting, un-muting the device at the right time. e.g. ~10 minutes delay) when using calendar events or scheduled events. Disable Use Push Notification if you want the app to mute/un-mute the device exactly on time but with more battery usage. * Mute During Phone Calls - When enabled the phone will be muted when you start a phone call, and will be un-muted at the end of the call. Don't get unwanted sounds from calendar, text events during phone calls. Location Services MUST be enabled. * Mute When Locked - The device will be muted only when it is locked. In case AutoSilent needs to mute the device and this option is enabled, AutoSilent will mute the device only when the device is locked otherwise the deice stays un-muted. Location Services MUST be enabled. * Unmute on 3 repeated calls - When this option is enabled and the phone is muted by AutoSilent or by the hardware mute switch, 3 repeated calls from any number during a period of 2 minutes will un-mute the phone. Location Services MUST be enabled. Important to iOS7 users: Background App Refresh in device Settings should be enabled for AutoSilent, otherwise the app will not run in the background. If you encounter a problem or you have a question regarding AutoSilent please feel free to contact us at We will assist you ASAP!

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App Changes

  • Version 2.6 Jul 12, 2012
  • Version 2.6 Nov 9, 2011
  • Version 3.8 Nov 9, 2011
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iOS Compatibility & Supported Devices

AutoSilent requires iOS 6.0 or later, and supported on the following devices: iPhone 6 ,iPhone 5 ,iPad 3 ,iPad Mini and iPod Touch 5G or newer.

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Developer site: AutoSilent support

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Recent Reviews

3 out of 5
Good. But battery vampire

This app is something that should be build into IOS. I had this functionality on flip phones in 2008.


By Farmallboy.
March 16, 2017
4 out of 5

Useful for not being disturbed while teaching classes or at rehearsals. I use the silence during certain calendar events function<...

By Lrjv.
March 9, 2017
5 out of 5
Works as advertised

No problems. Perfect for corporate environments where the ESPN chime isn't appropriate.

By 4pr477.
January 3, 2017

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