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Camera360 Ultimate

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Genres: [Photo & Video | Entertainment]
Developer: Xu Hao
Release Date: Jun 22, 2011
Version: 7.0.3
Size: 58.35 MB
Price Changed on Dec 19, 2011
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This iOS application is compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPad 1/2, iPod Touch 3rd.
The new great game "Camera" series now available for download in the app store (see the link below). The first game in the series, Camera was released on Oct 09, 2012 , now they’ve delivered Another new Photography application series "Camera" called Camera360 Ultimate with lot of new great features from before, more levels, new worlds, featuring exciting new sound effects and lot more fun. The review includes the developer's description, customer ratings, user reviews and screenshots for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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-- 500 million users around the world, with excellent ratings

【Classic Filters】
Don’t settle for ordinary! Put some magic into your photos, stunning visuals are just one stroke away!
Over 100 classic filters, become a photography connoisseur
New filter management function, allows you to save, delete and prioritize filters; satisfy your personal preferences
Star Story, Magic Effect and Storm HDR, among other exclusive innovative filters

Say goodbye to those fake looking photos, and get ready for natural skin effects!
Touch screen capture: tap anywhere to take a picture
Night Selfie: who says you can’t take selfies at night?
One stroke beautify: face thinning, eye enlargement and skin smoothing, all with just one tap; instantly become a goddess!
3D facials: highlight facial contours, to make your features more refined and exquisite

SLR photography experience, what are you waiting for? Say bye-bye to those old, heavy traditional cameras!
Multiple camera modes: Smart scene recognition, Night mode, Double exposure, Multi-grid mode
Capture: lightning fast focus; manually adjust exposure and focal length
Advanced adjustments: professional level white balance and aperture adjustments

Never doubt your own potential. Don’t know how to use Photoshop? No problem! Just move your fingers around a little and you too can become a Photoshop master! Crop, rotate, color temperatures, tones, etc. among 10 professional adjustment functions.

Instagram: Camera360_Official

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How to download the App

Download Camera360 Ultimate app for free for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and iPad mini.
Download Camera360 Ultimate on PC or Mac:
1. Go to the Camera360 Ultimate application page in your iTunes.
2. Click the button to download the App.
3. Sync your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or iPad mini with iTunes to install the Camera360 Ultimate app.
Download the App With iOS App Store:
1. Open the App Store on your iDevice.
2. Search for Camera360 Ultimate.
3. Click the button to download and install it on your device.
4. Enjoy.


You can securely create an apple profile with your information, but you have to be registered to iTunes in order to get the Camera360 Ultimate app to your device.
If you don’t have an active account, please register to iTunes store with a credit card number. In case you are not interested to open an account with your credit card, you can select the option ‘None’ during the secured registration.
*This Camera360 Ultimate application may be available in some countries.

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User Ratings

Jul 04
(5★) Zoom
I really like this app I love the crisp pictures it takes the thing I wish is that you could zoom with it to take close-ups at a
(5★) Well made
It has great free features that r very useful!
(5★) This app is dope!
My selfies have never looked so good! I don't use any other Camera app!
Jul 02
(5★) Get the App!
Amazing if you love photography!
(5★) Perfect app
I take and edit all of photos with this app. Thank you
(5★) Best photo app in the App Store but for real!
They have tons of options and are always adding more! Best photo app period! Also, always works smooth and retains image quality
(5★) Best Camera App Ever!
This is the best selfie app ever! I'm going to show all my friends. Something I like about it is that it doesn't crash! I
recommend you buy this app. It's awesome, no, it's amazing!
Jun 30
Great features and editing all for free
Jun 29
(3★) Awesome app but having problem with current versio
I've been using this app for like 2 yrs now but sadly I think there's something wrong with the current version. The app freezes as
soon as I open it. It's been like that for the past month. I hope you
Jun 10
(5★) Fav camera
Love the effects & ease of use on this camera
I love this app it's so amazing without a doubt the best one. So cool! A must get
Jun 09
(5★) The evolution of selfies
I love taking selfies now there at so many fonts to choose and every font looks great
(5★) nejefie09
great apps for camera highly satiafactory
(5★) LOVE!
This is definitely one of my top 3 camera/editing apps! Just wish they could allow the capability to take a pic with the sound
(5★) Love the app
Always great for any of my editing photo needs
(5★) Makes my pics look professional
I love this app! It make my pics look like a photographer took it and edited it with photoshop. Very easy to use, didn't even have
to edit pic.
(3★) Export
I can't find Export. How to export photos from My album to Other albums (for example, Camera Roll)?
Jun 08
(5★) My fav. Camera App
I love this App.so many choices and fixes fir mistakes, allows you to be creative and/or brightens pictures I have taken with my
camera on my phone. I have no complaints
Jun 07
(4★) Overall a great app
I love this app! There are a few glitches in the cloud function and sync to camera roll, though.
(5★) Loving it.
Best camera app i have ever used this forced me to write a review for it i love there filters magic skin .
(5★) Best camera app
I already made everyone I know download it and all of us use it instead of the camera that comes with the phone :)) two thumbs up
May 15
(5★) Excellent
Extraordinary, mighty, invincible, incredible.
(3★) App and effects are good, photos are low res
Some of the effects in this app are pretty good for simple retouching. They do a decent job on skin tone and such. The big however
is the low resolution output. It's not even close to the full res the
The BEST photo correction app I've ever had. The only one I use for the past few years! Two Thumbs Up
May 13
(5★) Excellent App!
Mix and Camera360 are my go to photo app over stock when serious photos require the best apps for shooting and editing. Have used
the features offered in editing and just amazed at the results. If you
May 12
(5★) Pretty sweet app
I've used this for a while now and have had no issues. The filters and effects are pretty awesome! It could be better but barely,
it's is way better than other apps I've had. I also think the ability
(5★) Cool
Love taking pics in the woods with all the different filters. Once you get the hang of it, it's fun
(5★) Lovely App!
Produce beautiful pics with this app!
(5★) So nice!
No ads. Cool features! Easy to use! Truly makes you look better!
Apr 20
(5★) Is a keeper
I love the incredible and variety of filters it has
(3★) Need update asap
It's nice but it need update.my favorite camera app but making pictures look dark now.when taking them
Apr 19
(5★) Never disappoints
Fun for a quickie but do wish we had more control.
(5★) Camera
Love this app, the way I can fix my pics !
(5★) Love the skin effects.
I genuinly love the free veraion of this app. Its skin effects are divine. Worth it!
(5★) My new fav!
This app had taken the place of phones camera!
Apr 18
(5★) The Best
The best camera/photo app hands down.
(4★) Nice app
Been using for awhile now and find it easy to navigate. Lots of good effects. Especially good for portraits.
Mar 24
(5★) Love Love Love
This camera is the best. Love the clear pictures and the options to experiment with the pictures. Awesome Application.
(5★) 10/10
I'm impressed!Easy to use, many possibilities. Many nice filters. Developers, go ON! Thanks to You!
(5★) So far so good.
I downloaded it last night based on the reviews and description. I love taking pictures and hopefully this app will give mine a
little more edge.
(5★) Amazing effects.
One of my favorite photo-enhancing apps. I mainly use the HDR filter and it immediate makes every outdoor pic look amazing!
Mar 23
(5★) Clear Pictures With Many Editing Options
For some reason, Camera 360 provides clearer pictures than the photo app provides that comes installed on my iPhone 5. 360 offers
a great selection of editing options, along with some nifty real-time
(5★) Best App for Camera Out there
This app just makes me take pictures edit and create wonderful memories.
Mar 22
(5★) Good application
Keep up the good work and remain on the excellent side.
(4★) Favorite App!
Love, love, love the options for editing photos. Not thrilled about the most recent update, honestly. But still awesome.
(5★) Awesome Creative App. Just Get It!
Has to possibly be one of the most fun and creative app's.Well worth having in your creative toolbox!Just get it!
(3★) Crash
It's been crashing since the new update
Feb 27
(2★) Timer
I will keep this short and sweet. I used to love this app. It was my favorite. Until the most recent update when they took the 30
second timer away. I was using the timer to take pictures of myself in
(5★) Is getting better
I love this app and all its features
(3★) Upgrade:CONFUSING
I love this app, I really do! But with this new update. I can't export my pictures that I edited to my camera roll ! The only
option for the export is the original photos . You know without the edits
(2★) Default Location for photos
I love the App but I am not thrilled with the lack of support.I asked for help to figure out why my photos when sync'd to my album
on my iPhone was saying I'm Djedir Sidi Khalafi? I tired everything t
(5★) Amazing camera app
Love this camera app and all of the filters to make pictures fun.
(5★) Favorite camera app
I've only had this app for about an hour but I think I'm in love. So many free filters and effects. I've been editing every single
picture on my camera roll. Overall it's just amazing and I haven't ha
Feb 26
(5★) Perfect Pic Every Time
I am in love with this app! Flawless photo with flawed subjects! Lol. Love the filters. Amazing!
Feb 25
This I the best app I have ever used! With having so many varieties and options it really satisfies me! Also it just covers you
complexes which also helps me overcome the insecureness of my face! LUVV
(5★) Stunning app !
The app is perfect for photo editing & sharing ! Ever best app I hv found !
(5★) My go-to selfie app
Whenever a selfie is needed I tell people to use this app
(5★) Love it!
One of the best filter and editor apps!
(5★) 360 camera good
Very good better than phone camera
Feb 24
(5★) You should download it
It's really great app but needs more features to be proNo bugs issue Thanks
(4★) Good app
Ứng dụng rất hữu ích. Cám ơn.
(2★) I use to like this app
I've been using this app for about a year and I use to love it so much but now it deleted all my pictures with so many great
memories when I updated it. I regret it so much.
Feb 23
(5★) Spectacular! It Needs Video Now.
Amazing camera app, but please consider adding effect videoing.
(5★) Great app!
Great app. Good features and easy to use.
Feb 02
(3★) Take away the Auto Sync to Camera Roll!
As other reviewers have stated, the auto sync to Camera Roll is annoying because that is usually how I later determine which
pictures I actually liked, by filtering and manually saving them to my phon
Feb 01
(5★) Camer360
This is the best camera love the filters great job to who ever created this
(2★) Hate new update
I absolutely hate the new update I love the old one hate that I even updated the app will be uninstalling soon
(4★) Please bring back ability to take pics without hav
I have used this app over 3 different phones and many years. Please, please, please bring back the ability to take pictures
without having to edit/save immediately after taking them. I definitely pref
(4★) I love this app
I have had this app for 4years no problem
(2★) Not good
Not so good every time I go on it,it takes me back to the home screen IM SO DISSAPOINTED GET ANOTHER UPDATE!
(4★) Overall good
Crashes sometimes but the look of the app looks sleek and the effects are not too tacky (some are really tacky but some are very
cool). And why is this app constantly telling me to rate it when i alre
Jan 05
(5★) Awesome App
This is by far one of the best photo apps out there.
(5★) Favorite photo app
I love it. It does everything you could want with a photo!
Jan 04
I LOVE IT. This is the best camera :)
(4★) Thumbs up
Feelin great n more comfortable wif this app. Try leee.Thank you so much happy happy happyyyyy yeyyy
(5★) Love love love love
Literally my favorite selfie app. Best filters ever! I recommend to all my friends !
Dec 13, 2014
(5★) TY for an amazing App
Love this App! Love the editing features!
Dec 12, 2014
(5★) Love it
Easy to use and I like how the pictures develop with the added features
(3★) Why am I in Algeria?
This app is fun. Other people love it. BUT.why do my pictures show they were taken in Algeria? I am sure, very sure I am in
Texas. How do I get the correct location?
(5★) Really improving!
All the updates, I love all of it! Thank you :))
Dec 11, 2014
(4★) Cute App!
Not bad! Using it for some time.
(5★) Iphone 6 missing feature
I have this app on both my 5s and 6 and it seems like 6 is missing a filter named ROSY in the selfie category. Please look into
this. I really love this app 3
(4★) Camera 360
I love this camera but just add more filters and collages with timer but so far im lovin it
Dec 10, 2014
(5★) J_BOSS_731
It is awesome I can make my selfies look great love the APP!
(5★) My favorite camera app
Works perfectly for ios8. One of my favorite app! Great work.
Dec 09, 2014
(4★) great
just a lil better quality would b nice
Dec 08, 2014
(5★) Love the edits
Keep it up. I wish you have mirror edit and great text. :)
Nov 17, 2014
(4★) Photo finish
I found this app so that to do a quick fix on a few pictures I took and let me tell you it worked great.
(5★) Very useful
Good all around photo/editing app.Lots of fun filters. The HDR filter is great for challenging lighting situations.
(5★) Excellent!
Really cool app. Its free and it offers a whole lot! Worth downloading.
Nov 16, 2014
(5★) Five stars!
This is the best app I have love it!
(5★) Great app for photo editing.
Great app for photo editing. Simply cool ️
(5★) Best app ever!
All iPhones should come with this app already on it
(5★) My fave editing app
This is by far the easiest and best editing app. I use it all the time for my IG yoga challenges.
(5★) Advanced controls
Very nice. Easy to use but advanced edits.
(5★) 1 of the best iPhone apps out there
They keep on improving it even though it was already awesome from the start.
Nov 14, 2014
(5★) ️️️️
No words can describe how much I love this app.
Oct 23, 2014
(5★) My favorite
I love this app! The many ways to take pictures are fantastic!
(5★) Emmmm.
I love it!magicskin is wonderful !
(5★) Amazing
This is my favorite photo editing app !
Total 100 reviews with 91.4% ratings for this app.

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  • 6.1 Upgrade Apr 6, 2015
  • 5.4.2 Upgrade Sep 24, 2014
  • 3.1.1 Upgrade Apr 24, 2013
  • 3.1 Upgrade Apr 7, 2013
  • 3.0.2 Upgrade Mar 25, 2013
  • 1.0First TrackedDec 31, 1969
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