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TextGrabber + Translator

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$ 4.99
Genres: [Productivity | Business]
Developer: ABBYY USA Software House Inc
Release Date: Jun 02, 2011
Version: 5.0.5
Size: 51.07 MB
$ 4.99
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This iOS application is compatible with iPhone 3GS.
ABBYY has already given us Lingvo Dictionaries: English ‹-› Spanish, French, German, Italian Dictionary Titles on Dec 01, now delivering another great Productivity application and iphone app on the store. The review includes the developer's description, customer ratings, user reviews and screenshots for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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TextGrabber + Translator easily and quickly scans, translates* and saves your chosen text from virtually any printed material.
Simply take a picture of the text and immediately edit, hear it spoken aloud via VoiceOver, translate* it into 70 languages, send your text by SMS or e-mail, or share it quickly on Facebook, Twitter or Evernote.

***** Winner of SUPERSTAR Award in the "Mobile Productivity App", "Mobile Image Capture App" and “Text Input” categories in Mobile Star Awards
“Textgrabber is probably the best app which adds another function to your iPhone: a scanner”- The Irish Times
With ABBYY TextGrabber + Translator you can save and translate any printed text you need with a tap of your screen:
• Receipts
• Travel documents
• Notes
• Magazine articles
• Book fragments
• Manuals and instructions
• Recipe ingredients, etc.
• Easy and accurate text-capture from printed sources, such as books, magazines, ads, timetables, etc.
• Accurate on-device text recognition for more than 60 languages, including German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, English, Chinese, Korean and others
• Instant translation from 70 languages (*Internet connection is required, separate in-app purchase)
• Powerful text-to-speech capability with the VoiceOver system feature
• Adjustable font sizes and audio prompts to assist visually impaired people
• Fast and convenient sharing via Facebook, Twitter, Evernote, email or SMS
• All extracted text is automatically backed up and can be easily found in the “History” folder

The application is partially compatible with the iPad 2 and iPod Touch 4 Gen (uploading images from photo album is only available).
OCR HINT: Please select the appropriate language (up to three at a time) before recognition



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How to download the App

Download TextGrabber plus Translator app for for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and iPad mini.
Download TextGrabber plus Translator on PC or Mac:
1. Go to the TextGrabber plus Translator application page in your iTunes.
2. Click the button to download the App.
3. Sync your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or iPad mini with iTunes to install the TextGrabber plus Translator app.
Download the App With iOS App Store:
1. Open the App Store on your iDevice.
2. Search for TextGrabber plus Translator.
3. Click the button to download and install it on your device.
4. Enjoy.


You can securely create an apple profile with your information, but you have to be registered to iTunes in order to get the TextGrabber plus Translator app to your device.
If you don’t have an active account, please register to iTunes store with a credit card number. In case you are not interested to open an account with your credit card, you can select the option ‘None’ during the secured registration.
*This TextGrabber plus Translator application may be available in some countries.

User Ratings

Jul 16
(5★) Works like a charm
Excellent job removing the bugs! Works like a charm! Love it
Jul 08
(4★) Good and getting better
I use this almost exclusively for book highlights. It used to be just OK. But now with this update, I hardly ever have to correct
a word. Keep it up!
Jul 05
(5★) Arabic
very good application, just that I often confusion because there is no Arabic.
Jul 03
(5★) Great App
This app is great. The OCR is much improved.
Jun 23
(4★) Great for book highlights
Very accurate capture, love the crop ability. The only thing keeping me from five stars is the lack of a bulk export option. If I
could select several notes to copy or export this app would be perfect
Jun 17
(5★) The best app in this category
This app is not perfect but compared to everything else I have used is by far the best.
Jun 16
(5★) Great OCR
Obviously the cleaner the page and the better the photo, the better Text Grabber works. But often, it is able to extract text
under less than ideal conditions. Suggested Feature: Open in more apps —
Jun 15
(5★) Must have for capturing text
I know this app can be used for scanning documents, but I use it for capturing text from screenshots or translation. One issue I
have with the app, because of the aforementioned way I use it, the app
May 22
(3★) love it
I really love this app , but why don't u pleaaaase add Arabic language too
May 17
(4★) Billy boy on the South Shore
The voiceover utility works very well with the interface and the accuracy of the skin is incredible for such a diminutive
solution. I am very pleased with this because it does afford me a much more re
May 08
(5★) Helps organizing stuff
I use it a lot instead of keeping million screenshots and photos of articles from magazines and booksI just grab the text and keep
it in notes. Saves space and and time. No hassle with pdfs. Just text
(4★) Very useful for extracting text
Extracting text to store in other formats is a very useful feature. Wonder why it needs background refresh though.
May 07
(5★) Great for OCR
Nice app, it does what it promeses, I use i every day for scanning papers and fast OCR and sending texts. A must-have OCR machine
in your pocket!
(5★) great
i tried several times to read texts, when i was far from desktop, and it really great doing its job - recognition is perfect, i
cant even imagine so high quality ;) so giving u 5 stars - for me its th
Apr 26
(5★) Best English OCR App
After trying out three OCR Apps, I purchased more, but this was almost perfect; 90-100% accuracy per page of blue and red text
taken on iPhone 6 Plus. The others had 60-80% accuracy.
Apr 05
(3★) Decent app
Needs better database support for language support. Depending on the document trying to scan it does well or VERY poor. If the
document is in one language using very simple works this app should work
Mar 20
(5★) Blind user
I use it with an iphone stand and voiceover to scan mail it works great!
Mar 01
(3★) Still waiting for Hebrew since 2013
Bought the app two years ago mainly for translating Hebrew for graphic designing purposes. The description didn't list all of the
languages and it was only after I bought the app the Hebrew was "comin
Feb 08
(5★) Amazing!
This actually works! To try it out, I took a photograph of some instructions from an instruction manual that I had. This app
actually turned it into an edit-able text document. I haven't tried the tra
Jan 29
(4★) Fantastic product!
With even decent lighting, this OCR app works very well. Use it all the time to collect notes from research. My only problem is
that it doesn't allow you to easily append text to earlier shots. So if
Jan 26
(5★) Look no further!
This is THE BEST!I'm an early i-device adopter, and I've always felt text scanning was this platform's weakest suit — until Text
Grabber. For sooo long, I've settled on patches and fixes and work-ar
Jan 19
(5★) Have only used for taking print from books
I need it to take notes from books, not translate, and it works very well for that. Don't try to do the whole page at once.
thirds or half work best. It's fast, requires a few corrections, but I'm s
Jan 14
(5★) Arabic
very good application, just that I often confusion because there is no Arabic
Jan 13
(5★) Best
I use this application frequently when I'm reading something and it's especially good; I take a picture of it and then the app
turns it into text. Good app.
(5★) Very Good App
This app helps me to do many things that speed up homework each night.
Jan 12
(5★) Great for OCE
Nice app, it does what it promeses, I use i every day for scanning papers and fast OCR and sending texts. A must-have!
(5★) Really Great App
So far, this app has performed flawlessly, it is really amazing how well it works. I love it.
Dec 28, 2014
(5★) Really nice!
It could recognize almost all of the words, n has little mistakes. Excellent!
Dec 08, 2014
(2★) It's not very good yet
Alright I haven't used it for translating but I have for writing up english documents just to see how it worked and it is not very
good at all it always makes up random things and those it in and I do
Nov 22, 2014
(5★) Good Job!
I am now under graduate and have to translate the major documents very often, this app helps me so much. I can save my note and
translate by some quick way. Although it has a few corrections but it do
Nov 20, 2014
(5★) Great
I give it 5 stars. I really like this app. It's well designed, user friendly and packed with great options.
(4★) Nice
This app is what I am looking for and it is worth trying it. I like it so much and I recommend it to you.
Nov 19, 2014
(3★) Needs more options for storage
Add the option to upload to Cloud storages such as Google drive or Onedrive.
Nov 04, 2014
(5★) It works great
Works great on my iPhone 6 pluse no problem
Sep 03, 2014
(5★) Fantastic!
Absolutely love it! Allows me to read the Facebook postings of my diverse friends. Really, really, really want Arabic. All other
languages work great! Thanks!
Jun 05, 2014
(5★) Worth every penny!
am really a happy customer I enjoy using the app few times a week . I love it. I hope it supports Arabic though :/
May 26, 2014
(2★) All I want is to be able to scan Kanji with it
Unfortunately, there’s no way to turn English off. I can add Japanese as an option, but not make it the sole language. Whether
this is an app limitation or an iOS limitation (because I have my iPhon
May 18, 2014
(5★) Best offline OCR available
This is definitely the best offline OCR available on the App Store.
May 06, 2014
(5★) Нужное приложение
Мне очень понравилось. Удобно и быстро. Приложение стабильно работает.
Выручает в самый нужный момент.
May 03, 2014
(4★) Outstanding
Does what it says. Good application.
May 02, 2014
(3★) Directions for?
Seems like a nice, useful, quality app from a top company in the field. But how about some directions on how to use it? (I tried
scanning 10 pages, only to find only one had been saved!) :(
Apr 24, 2014
(5★) Awesome
It does it all! Very convenient and accurate most of the time. One thing I wish it would do is keep an album of your captured
texts, instead of putting them directly into the camera roll.
Apr 07, 2014
(4★) Does what it does very well
Good app! Now if you could just "open in" a PDF into this app and let it grab text from that it would be superb!
Apr 06, 2014
(5★) Very useful
It would be great if we could merge the text from history or share it as a whole.
Apr 04, 2014
(4★) Please add Vietnamese.
Please add Vietnamese to recognition. Thanks! Otherwise, excellent app!
Apr 01, 2014
(5★) Good App
If you can please input our Language Myanmar .
Mar 29, 2014
(5★) A real time saver.
Cool. This is great, a time saver, especially with long articles. I like it.Bug: it cannot recognize handwriting, it can only read
printed letters.
Mar 26, 2014
(5★) AT Coordinator
This is a wonderful app! It converts very quickly and easily. I use it with all ages from children through senior citizens. The
only change that I would like to see made is that when text is shown you
(5★) useful tool
I have tried several of these photo scanning apps, and so far, TextGrabber Translator is one of the best! It makes scanning so
easy, And this app have Powerful text-to-speech capability, very useful.
Mar 23, 2014
(5★) Great app
I have to say this app works great. Nothing more I can say except I love it.
Mar 20, 2014
(5★) finally, Finally, FINALLY
A REAL OCR app! FinaLLY!I just trashed PageScanner, and that HORRIBLY BAD JotNot (believe me, it’s NOT).This TextGrabber was
perfect on the first full page of text I shot. Excellence with very min
Mar 19, 2014
(5★) Wow
I have bought this app a while ago, and boy did the updates literally turn this app around for the better.the first time i had
this, no matter how good the pictures, it was never %100.but now? with th
(5★) Textgrabber
Wow! This text grabber is the best and help me all time
Mar 18, 2014
(5★) 超级好用
(5★) Helpful application
This is a very practical text translation application software. Through photographs can help me translate the article. Its
operation is very simple. There is a language of many countries to choose fro
(5★) Very good
I am writing an article about a TV show so I have been collecting news and articles from all sources. Now with this app I can
easily select the information I need and save it for later use. Also it pr
(5★) Amazing app
This is an amazing app.When i read an english article,i can use this app to take a photo of this article and it will auto scan the
photo and translate the words into digital.Then i can select another
(5★) Amazing app!
Usually read articles on some unfamiliar words you can use this application. It can help me to quickly translate. The results were
Feb 01, 2014
(2★) Push notification spam
Good app for English OCR but will spam you with push notifications. Simple enough to turn off, but an obnoxious practice by the
Jan 31, 2014
(3★) Some things to fix
When you take a picture of what you want to translate, the picture quality becomes extremely low when you try to crop it. Please
Total 60 reviews with 90% ratings for this app.

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