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My Secret Diary

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Genres: [Lifestyle | Utilities]
Developer: Pointconnector-systems Limited
Release Date: Jul 20, 2010
Version: 3.2
Size: 21.52 MB
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This iOS application is compatible with iPad 1/2, iPod Touch 3rd.
The review includes the developer's description, customer ratings, user reviews and screenshots for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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Enter a secret world that only you can experience!
What are you thinking, how do you feel, what is happening in your life? Capture your day in this special place!

Use pictures, text, notes and music that reflect your mood and then decorate the page with stickers. Enable your creativity and reflect your life!!

- Stylish, easy to use interface.
- Three-digit lock code, to keep your secrets private.
- Sticky notes, to help you remember important details.
- Attach photos from your albums directly onto the page.
- Choose from a collection of stickers to brighten up the page.
- Set the mood, with music played from your iTunes library.
- Remember the extra special days with easy to use bookmarks.
- Create and name as many pages you want for each day.
- More features coming soon!

Feedback Replies....

Drag notes, images to right hand side of page this will give you the option to delete them.
Get now this application with your unique ID and secured password.

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How to download the App

Download My Secret Diary app for free for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and iPad mini.
Download My Secret Diary on PC or Mac:
1. Go to the My Secret Diary application page in your iTunes.
2. Click the button to download the App.
3. Sync your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or iPad mini with iTunes to install the My Secret Diary app.
Download the App With iOS App Store:
1. Open the App Store on your iDevice.
2. Search for My Secret Diary.
3. Click the button to download and install it on your device.
4. Enjoy.


You can securely create an apple profile with your information, but you have to be registered to iTunes in order to get the My Secret Diary app to your device.
If you don’t have an active account, please register to iTunes store with a credit card number. In case you are not interested to open an account with your credit card, you can select the option ‘None’ during the secured registration.
*This My Secret Diary application may be available in some countries.

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User Ratings

Jul 15
(2★) Disappointing Updates
I've been using this app for a little over a year and every time that they "update" the app several more problems arise that were
worst than the other issues they were trying to fix. With the latest u
Jul 13
(2★) Ugh
I have been writing in this, ever since 2014. I logged on today, and all of the diary pages from 2014 were gone. I wanted to read
them. But they were gone. I am really disappointed.
(5★) The absolute best!
First off.To those asking about the save button.this app auto saves your writings, there is no button to click on to save your
work.Second of.Most often, when an app force closes or crashes after you
Jul 12
(5★) No Videos and Data Recovery
I can't attach videos to my entries. That would be convenient for quick memories. Otherwise, it is awesomesauce. I would also like
to be able to record audio. There should be free themes available. I
Jul 11
I don't know what the others are thinking because, you can lock it, you can type and it saves, ITS AWESOME five
(4★) Save?
This app is really good but the problem is, when i look for a save button, or some way to save what i wrote, i accidentally flip
the page(my fault) and then i go back, just to see my progress almost f
(5★) Perfect
It works perfect for me no crashes no nothing it is awesome my sister doesn't know what I write in here
Jul 10
(2★) An update
Everything was great until about two updates ago. I had so much written down and the update deleted almost all of it. I'm pretty
upset about it
Jul 09
(5★) The best
Don't listen to others this diary is awesome and never crashes:)!
I have a few problems with this app. when i 1st got it there was a lock now there is not this is sapost to be a diary then what
secreats can I put when they can read it
Jun 19
(3★) not so sure about this
ok so my friends say it has lots of glitches when u upgrade so I won't upgrade so that's y I'm rating it 3️️️
Jun 18
(2★) Diary issues
It just deleted everything I just wrote.
(4★) Irritated
I like the new updates but a couple of entries I put in keep getting cut off at the end! Like the last things I write get randomly
deleted. Can you fix this?
(5★) Needs the song Nae Nae and go big or go home
Needs this update it needs the Nae Nae and the go big or go home but I like the app rate it a 5 but I wish I could rate it a OVER
Jun 16
(2★) Still crashing
I'm still having issues with the app. I am able to log in but it is still crashing. I see the current days page and hen it just
goes blank. Hope this issue is fixed soon. And previous to this I lost a
(2★) So not-cool!
Now since the last update, every time i go into my diary, it takes me back to the last day i was on, not to the day it is! This
is starting to really make me mad cuz i don't really write everyday, ma
Jun 14
(5★) Pls add
Can you guys please add more stickers like butterflies and all that stuff!it would this app the best!
Jun 13
(3★) I have a question
How do I have the lock code thing?! Every time I put in the lock code from the settings I exit the app too see if it works and it
Jun 10
The crashing is still there and it's driving me absolutely insane. Ever since the May 26 update, I've been able to AT LEAST write
an entry without it crashing. But now, June, I was writing in the app
May 27
(5★) Still. Crashing
I. Haven't deleted the app in hopes it will be fixed this diary has been my therapy for 2 years lol I can get the password to open
the diary but after 7 seconds it crashed,this all happen shortly afte
(4★) The Newest Version Works!
Thank you Jesus! The new version work. I did not loose any of my old entries. Thank you for fixing it because I don't know what I
was going to do if I lost my old entries. Thank you!
(5★) Not again!
I turned Dropbox syncing on and it crashed right after that and I haven't been able to get into the app since! Crashes right when
I tap it! Does this mean another two weeks waiting for us? Please f
May 26
(5★) Awsome
I have an iPad mini 2 and I downloaded it worked great loved it
(2★) Keeps crashing on me too
I love this other than it keeps crashing. Every since u put Dropbox in the mix. Please give us an option on wether to store files
on iCloud or Dropbox.and if the issues get resolved I will rate 5 star
May 24
Can somebody help me please? How do I get to the settings menu to set a passcode?
May 23
(3★) :(
I really love this app. Everything about this new version is perfect. I like how the pics ain't cut off anymore and I like the new
design and the fact that we can backup using Dropbox but I used the a
(2★) Keeps crashing: needs fixing
I still love this app, but it keeps cashing on me when I try to get in, please fix it
Apr 29
(4★) Better (But I really miss the old one!)
I'm happy that I can now read all of my old entries. However, I don't like how difficult it is to put a picture in. Or constantly
having ads pop up. I'm upset that every single one of my entries was
Apr 27
(5★) Fix your update!
I just updated this a few minutes ago, and you guys said it has bug fixes. And guess what?! It keeps crashing. Please fix! I love
this app.
Apr 21
(4★) Great app! But one minor thing though.
The app is great overall! I'm sure there will be awesome updates in the future although I have a idea that should be a must.I
forgot my password to my journal so I was wonder if there is a special com
(4★) Pretty good! I like it!
This app overall is very good. I write down pretty much everything in this. I just wish 3 things:1. That it worked a better with
the page scrolling and that you could just tap to get to the next page.
Apr 20
(5★) Best app ever!
I love this app I always wanted to buy a diary but never got the chance and now they have one to keep on your phone yay! I got
this app because I want to keep good old memories in my heart so that I c
Apr 19
(5★) I made my diary dorky!
From how to dork your diary, OMG I just love the dork diaries book series
Apr 18
(4★) Cool!
I really think than a diary on my phone is the coolest idea!️ i have looked at all of the other diaries in the app store but
this one is by far my fav!️️ By ️Ducky️
Apr 07
(3★) Book front
I read this book about someone's diary and that the beginning of the book it said please don't read I won't to be able to write on
the front of the diary before u put the code and open it please make
(5★) Love this app! But.
I've had this app for probably 2 or 3 years, I've written some of the most personal things I could never tell a soul in this so
this app really means A WHOLE LOT to me, and I would never want to give
Apr 06
(5★) Read
I loved this app a lot because I never could have I dairy that had a lock but now I can have something I can't have my brother
(4★) good, but a few issues.
ok, I like this app and all, but there's a few problems that I hope you could fix.1. i don't want anyone to know I have a journal,
and having the title being named secret diary and a pink cover with a
Apr 04
(4★) One more detail
I love this app. I try to write in diaries but I just can't keep the habit. My phone is always with me and I write in it everyday!
Just one thing, we need more room on one page. When I write I often n
Apr 01
(2★) So confused
I had this on an iPad and it was fine. Now on my iPhone I'm so confused. Where's the store? How do you pup pictures on your page?
Wasn't there sticky notes too?
(3★) Love it but.
I wish you could access your entries from a computer. I wish I could save my entries to my computer so they don't get lost if I
get a new phone or something.
Mar 30
(3★) Love the app but.
I love this app and I always wrote on it. I actually started to write a book on this app. What really made me upset is that I went
on the app one day and put on code in but it wouldn't open. I tried c
(5★) Read to get info
I love this app so much, it allows you to write down info in a locked place. I would not use it to write super important things
because the lock is pretty simple to get through once you have gone thro
Mar 29
(3★) It's pretty good but.
It's ok but it's not what I expected I imagined it would be like super duper secret but it looks like that's a little off.
Mar 23
(5★) No Videos
I can't attach videos yo my entries. That would be convenient for quick memories. Otherwise, it is awesomesauce. I would also like
to be able to record audio. There should be free themes available. I
Mar 17
(5★) So much better than an actual one
This is so much better than having a real one because now it's like more secretive and you can fix your spelling and stuff like
that and you can add Emoji's and I love how on each day you can play a
Mar 16
(5★) LOVE THIS APP (plz read)
I have had this app for a YEAR so I've been recording everyday of my life since last year. From what I've learned, this app is
FLAWLESS. It let's you write as much as you want, it let's you add pictur
Mar 15
(5★) Request
I would like to request a auto fill so it will go faster so I don't have to sit and type but other wise I love the game and I was
heartbroken because it deleted some of my history! But I love the game
Mar 11
(4★) Plz add new features!
This app is pretty good but it could be a bazillion times better.1. Plz don't make me scroll through blank pages! I want to read
entries from a while ago but don't want to scroll through a week of bla
(2★) Crashes :/
I've been using the Secret Diary app since 2012 and overall it's been wonderful. I've documented basically my whole life in there.
But recently it's been crashing almost immediately after I open the a
Mar 10
(4★) Great
I just got this app today and it's worked very well so far but it would be awesome if you could play a playlist on the music part
because its really annoying that when your song ends you have to go to
(5★) Great app!
I love it! I write in it just about everyday!
Mar 08
(5★) great!
this app is amazing! so is the cloud. I got the iphone 5c for Christmas and i had this app on my old iphone 4s and i got to keep
my password and everything! this app is the best! ️️️️
Mar 05
(5★) love it!
I love this app. I've been using this app for over 3 years now and it helps to be able to go back and see things that I had
forgotten about. I only wish there was a way I could type my thoughts out qu
Mar 02
(4★) Crashing
Please fix the app it crashes after a minute of typing and my calendar isn't working too hot. Love the app!
Feb 28
(4★) Great but not the best
I've been using this app for almost a year and I love it! Everyday after school I write all day. I love all the fonts, the music,
the password, and how you can add pictures. Yet flipping back and four
Feb 26
Love every detail of the app, so thoughtful! Thank you! I'd written the review above on a previous version a long long time ago.
Although I still love this app, I just noticed a very horrible issue to
(5★) Always stopping at when i taped the end
I always keep on tapping the end but it always go back to my original screen! I actually hate it when it does that! I hope you
fixed it! I bet everybody else has the same problem as i have.
Feb 24
(4★) A bit confusing
ok so the thing that's confusing about tho I that is if you put a different font it isn't centered at the correct spots/on the
lines, the next is thing is that if you put a picture on there and then a
Feb 23
(5★) Really really useful!
I'm glad I bought this because it is so useful
Feb 19
(4★) Cute
This diary app is really nice! It's cute if your looking for a simple diary but I think the security(password) needs to be better
do that and get 5 stars!
Feb 15
(5★) Cool
It is really. Cool it could be better though
(3★) Calender Option?
I would love it if you fixed the calendar option. I've had this app since April 2013 and whenever I want to go to the calendar to
read through my old entries, the app crashes. I would love it so so so
Feb 11
(2★) Needs to be improved
I wish you could make more than one diarie and when you put the password in a name pops up and asks if this is you but I love how
you can listen to the music on your music list and
Feb 07
(5★) Great butt I need help
Hi there love this app but idk how to put the lock on it! butt other than the lock problem it's great I can hide my stuff there
butt it's really that sucre because idk how the lock works! Some one plz
(5★) Cool diary
This diary is so awesome you don't even need a real one
Feb 05
(5★) Pretty Good
I like it. You can add pictures and emojis. I don't have to worry about parents snooping anymore. I just wish we can customize it
a bit. Like the background is all pink. I'm not really a pink fan but
Feb 01
(5★) 5 star
This app is the best diary app ever! One thing tho: it crashes. Please fix this!
Jan 31
(5★) Nice
I like having this just in case I need to vent (without having the whole world see it.) it's also very easy to use and you can
organize different sections, like in a notebook with dividers and such.
Jan 30
(4★) Awesome:D
I really like this app it helps so I don't have to go and buy an actual diary and with everyone on their phones nowadays I'm not
surprised this is an app. ok I have 2 things you should add tho. 1-play
(3★) Excelente, pero.
La app esta increíble pero alguien descubrió mi clave y la tube que cambiar ahora se me olvido. Deberían poner uno de esos
botones que dicen "¿olvidaste tu contraseña?". Pero el resto está OK.
(3★) Suggestions
1. I wanna write as long as I want on ONE PAGE. 2. It would be much more secure with Touch ID. I'd love to customize with
wallpapers for the opening of the app. I'm a long time user of this app.
Jan 26
(2★) Wth?
I didn't even do a password and it says I did , I have wrote so much in this diary , and now I'm locked out .
Jan 25
(2★) Uh oh
I'm pretty embarrassed because.I forgot my passcode and I can't change it!
Jan 24
(4★) Impressed
I really love this secret digital diary. Unlike paper diaries, there is a password to it so only you can get into it. But the
downside is you can't keep track of all the different pages you have writt
Jan 21
(4★) Really great
I really like this app. Just wish it had more designs and that you could customize a little more. Like pick colors for the back
ground and thing like that. :)
(2★) I forgot my password now I can't get back in
What do I do? Why is there no way to reset a passcode?
Jan 19
(5★) Omg Amazing App!
This app is perfect for me because I have really sloppy handwriting on paper diaries and journals and this app lets you put on
stickers, photos, and music that matches your mood! You could also type a
(5★) Best app ever
It is a pretty cool app because you can put stickers on the pages and it's so secure from other people cause you gotta have a pass
code to get in to the app
Jan 18
(5★) Great app :)
I love this app! It's better than keeping an actual diary. I love how you can change the text fonts. I would like to be able to
change the cover of the diary like to a picture or at least a different
Jan 17
(2★) Was fine but w/new phone LOST 4 years!
I liked this for the four years I used it. There were some issues about reviewing old entries that need reworked. But when I
upgraded to new the iPhone6, I lost EVERYTHING! Makes me feel ill. Could be
Jan 16
(2★) Update this app
This is still crashing, the update didn't work at all, all I want is an update so this app doesn't crash as soon as I open it
anymore. Otherwise, this is a great app, I haven't been able to open this
Jan 14
(2★) Don't like it
I hate this diary it deleted all of pages I really don't like it
Jan 04
(5★) Really good!
This app was very good but I had an idea that could make the app better. 1. Instead of scrolling for the password, they should
make it wear you can type it.
Nov 27, 2014
(4★) A little bug
I love the app i really do! But one little bug Id like you to fix! It wont let me use the calendar thingy to find my last entry.
If I click the Calendar it freezes then leaves the app. Every time. Ple
Nov 25, 2014
(5★) No calendar crashes!
There are no calendar crashes the people that say that are big fat liars and do not want you to get the app do not listen to those
people I rated this app 5 stars!LISTEN TO ME!#get the app!
Nov 24, 2014
(3★) Two Words
LOG OFF! Does it really have to log off constantly? When I tap the calendar it logs off, when I go click the arrows it
(sometimes) logs off and especially when I tap it really fast it logs off! Come
Nov 23, 2014
(5★) Good
It is a good app,it is very useful when I am upset and need to get it out
Nov 19, 2014
(3★) What happen
I had this for year in my mini iPad, then recently I got a new iPad Air, I opened it and tried writing, suddenly in the middle of
my typing,it closed or shut down.then I tried the following day.it did
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