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Category: Games | Release Date: February 10, 2016

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Developer: Hasan Cakir

Genre: Educational

Current Version: 1.2

File Size: 37.27 MB

Age Rating: 4+

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The Countdown Numbers is a popular arithmetical puzzle game. Play this popular game on IPhone/IPad now everywhere. Now you can view app's solutions. App found all possible complete solutions for target number.
Using the six numbers create an equation that gets you as close to the target number as possible. You can use addition, subtraction, multiplication and division for the equations.

- Game Mode : There are there game mode.
1. 4+2 : Contains 4 small numbers (between 1-10) and 2 big numbers (25,50,75,100) . This is default mode.
2. 5+1 : Contains 5 small numbers (between 1-10) and 1 big number (25,50,75,100) .
3. Mixed : Contains 4 small number(between 1-10) and 2 mixed big number (20,25,30,40,50,60,70,75,80,90,100).

- Game Round : This option specify question counter in one game session. You can select 10,15 and 20 rounds. Default is 10 round.
- Screen Effect : This option specify transition between screen. You can select fade,slide and flip. Default is fade effect.
- Clock Type : You can select analog or digital clock for game timer. Default is analog clock.

You can view detailed statistics for all game sessions. Your all game saved in local store system. There are two screen for stats.
- One of these show game sessions orderly by date. By the way this screen show total points and ceomplete status.
- Other screen show the following statistics by selected game session.
- Game Point
- Total Time(in seconds)
- Game Rounds
- Last Round(If game session is not completed)
- Game Mode
- Clock Type
- Status(Completed/Not Completed)
- Start Date
- Finish Date (If game session is not completed shows Last Date)

You can review your played game every when. Your all solutions saved in local store system step by step.There are there screen for history.
- One of these show game sessions orderly by date. This screen shows game start date and game rounds also.
- Other screen shows rounds of selected game. This screen include start date and points of rounds.
- Last screen shows target number and challenge six numbers. You can review your solution step by step of selected question.
Also, you can view your points and how long time taken for this question. You can navigate between questions in selected game session.
Importantly, you can share your solution to your fiend or family by e-mail.

- You have only 60 second to find a solution.
- Touch Play button on toolbar to start game. If you have an uncompleted game you can resume this game. But you can create new game if you want.
- Touch Home button to return home screen. By the way, playing game is finished.
- Touch Reset button to clear all compute and to return first status.
- Touch Undo button to cancel last step and to back previous step.
- Touch Finish button to finish current game. When press Finish button you can view getting points. This button visible when touch start button.
- Touch Start button to play new game. This button visible when touch finish button only.
- Game Over screen visible when you have play all rounds of game.
- Game Over screen include "Create New Game" and "Return to Home" buttons.
- You can't use the same number more than once.
- Only use +, - ,* and % operations.
- You will get points as close as to the target number. Etc. You find approximately 2 close to to
target you will won 8 points.
- You will get 10 points when found complete solution only.

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What's new in version 1.2

+1 minor bug fixed

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iOS Compatibility & Supported Devices

The Numbers Game - Solver Version requires iOS 6.0 or later, and supported on the following devices: iPhone 6 ,iPhone 5 ,iPad 3 ,iPad Mini and iPod Touch 5G or newer.

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